15 to Life: Kenneth’s Story

At fifteen years old Kenneth Young was sentenced to life in prison after receiving four life sentences for carrying out armed robberies, were no one was actually injured. A landmark supreme court decision says that juveniles deserve special consideration as they don’t fully understand the consequences at such a young age. Currently however the United States is the only country in the world that sentences children to serve life in prison and this film sets about following Kenneth as he struggles for redemption.

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  • Kropotkinbeard

    I knew the judge was racist as soon as I saw him.

    • SweetleafBC

      I agree! Kennith didn’t have a chance. So sad.

  • chip griffin

    wow what a young man Kennith is. my heart goes out to such strength. a fight i could not fight he seems to be winning. hang in there friend. grand reward for those who truly suffered…

  • Please God Why

    Looking at this man’s head, he had no frontal lobes whatsoever. It’s no wonder he has no morals, which is what the frontal lobes provides for humans. Also his head slopes back from his lips and he has a TINY brain pan. He looks barely human. 🙁

    • Lauren

      what does that have to do with anything?

      • trojanx

        Its PGW’s declaration that they look for superficial physical features to justify their racist beliefs.

        • Walter White

          The only “racist belief” I see around here is people calling the judge racist, for no reason whatsoever.

          • Quasar

            omg. please seek death, you and that moron yapping about how “Kenneth is not human because he has a weird shaped head.” This can not be life. Lord give me strength.

          • Walter White

            I said nothing about his head, but you telling me to “seek death” is a real testament to your character. You lousy piece of shit.

        • Please God Why

          Lack of or deficiency of the brain is the farthest thing from superficial imaginable. You’re hilarious though. I guess.

        • Please God Why

          This isn’t about black people, it’s about Kenneth. I wonder what his IQ is, based on his cranial issues, it’s going to be subpar.

          • Polemical

            OK, so he has a different shaped skull, but really to pretend that he has a diminished prefrontal cortex is bs. You can`t see that unless you split his head open or performed some imaging. Beyond that, intelligence is correlated to the folds, not the size. Your comments come across as crackpot eugenic phrenology reminiscent of J. Watson.
            I think Kenneth suffers more from a low socio-economic status and a crackhead single mom syndrome (ie. dysfunctional home).

      • Please God Why

        it means he is incapable of behaving responsibly because factually, the parts of his brain that hold the parts of the brain used for critical thinking are missing or absent, based on his phenotype.

  • Lauren

    The judge was definitely racist! I’m sorry but the judge was dead wrong. Kenneth was only 15 when when he did the crime(s). Three consecutive life terms? Murderers and rapists get less prison time. Shame on you judge !!!

  • Morten Andreassen

    These guys rule. Empathy rocks.

  • Tammy Jean

    Darn! I want to watch this but it’s been removed. There are lots of videos that have been removed on this site. Maybe you could remove the dead links? Ty.

    • John

      Hi Tammy, you can easily watch this great documentary at 15tolifethefilm.com. You’ll have to rent it for $5 but it’s a good way to encourage good documentaries that are very hard to finance.

    • paul oliver

      it works now, but you are right there is way to many deadlinks, 30 of which i’ve reported…but there all still there

  • roy

    all of you that have compassion for him wonder if you would feel that way if you were the one robbed