20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes

Some of the biggest unsolved crimes of recent memory are also some of the biggest stories of our time. The fact that no perpetrators were ever found, raises these cases to legendary status. Unsolved Crimes counts down the heists, disappearances, and murders that have captured public fascination for decades. Many of these stories have become the subjects of documentaries, others have become the focus of big budget films. The heists are sensational and the murders are sinister. The culprits may still be out there.

List of Crimes:
#20:(01:16) – Adam Walsh Murder
#19:(06:40) – Jam-Master Jay Murder
#18:(9:45) – Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall Murder
#17:(15:00) – Tylenol Poisoning
#16:(19:15) – Bobby Fuller Murder
#15:(22:35) – The Zodiac Killer
#14:(27:27) – Alexander Litvinenko Murder
#13:(31:42) – Vanessa Johnson Murder
#12:(36:06) – Amber Hagerman Murder
#11:(41:25) – Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Robbery
#10:(44:38) – George Allen Smith Murder
#9:(46:29) – Jacqueline Levitz
#8:(49:30) – Madeleine McCann
#7:(54:22) – Anthrax murders of 2001
#6:(58:56) – D.B Cooper
#5:(01:03:13) – Chandra Levy Murder
#4:(01:08:50) – Jimmy Hoffa
#3:(01:13:38) – The Black Dahlia
#2:(1:15:50) – JonBenet Ramsey
#1:(01:22:20) – Natalee Holloway

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  • anon

    I’d say this is a typical “E! Entertainment” documentary. If you love the sensationalism of murder and crime, this is the doc for you.

  • jack me off

    I laughed my balls off when I heard Dubbya say that this piece of legislation will help protect those that cannot help themselves. Did he mean the Palestinians, or the Iraqis, or the Afghans? I don’t mean to take away the progress that this might have helped innocent children here at home….but,….come on.