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The Hunt for Britain’s Metal Thieves

In the past three years more than £13 million worth of metal has been stolen from Britain’s railway network. Cables, wiring and the rails themselves are removed by thieves who take advantage of the relative accessibility of the metal and the high prices it will fetch. (Thanks to Chinese demand, prices have risen 500 per cent in a decade.) Cameras follow British Transport Police in Yorkshire as they try to catch the criminals. We also see the effects of other thefts, from manhole covers to war memorials and churches.

This documentary shows the British Transport Police’s fight back against a new crime wave, metal theft, which sees gangs across Britain tearing apart the country’s infrastructure, stripping metal from railways, power stations, churches and war memorials. The film reveals the consequences of these actions, from the risk of electrocution to thieves to the emotional distress experienced by victims.

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Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Some Kind of Monster is a music documentary about Metallica’s making of their album St. Anger and the difficulties they had to go through in the process.

The directors shot over 1200 hours and followed the band around night and day for over a year to create this documentary.


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Heavy Metal Britannia

Nigel Planer narrates a documentary which traces the origins and development of British heavy metal from its humble beginnings in the industrialised Midlands to its proud international triumph.

In the late 60s a number of British bands were forging a new kind of sound. Known as hard rock, it was loud, tough, energetic and sometimes dark in outlook. They didn’t know it, but Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and, most significantly, Black Sabbath were defining what first became heavy rock and then eventually heavy metal.

Inspired by blues rock, progressive rock, classical music and high energy American rock, they synthesised the sound that would inspire bands like Judas Priest to take metal even further during the 70s.

By the 80s its originators had fallen foul of punk rock, creative stasis or drug and alcohol abuse. But a new wave of British heavy metal was ready to take up the crusade. With the success of bands like Iron Maiden, it went global.

Contributors include Lemmy, Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and Saxon’s Biff Byford.


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Heavy Metal In Baghdad

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a feature film documentary that follows the
Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda from the fall of Saddam Hussein in
2003 to the present day. Playing heavy metal in a Muslim country has
always been a difficult (if not impossible) proposition but after
Saddam’s regime was toppled, there was a brief moment for the band
in which real freedom seemed possible. That hope was quickly dashed as
their country fell into a bloody insurgency. From 2003-2006, Iraq
disintegrated around them while Acrassicauda struggled to stay
together and stay alive, always refusing to let their heavy metal
dreams die. Their story echoes the unspoken hopes of an entire
generation of young Iraqis.

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Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey

Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey is a 2005 documentary directed by Sam Dunn with Scot McFadyen and Jessica Wise. The film follows 31-year-old Sam Dunn, a Canadian anthropologist, who has been a heavy metal fan since the age of 12.

He sets out across the world to uncover the various opinions on heavy metal music, including its origins, culture, controversy, and reasons it is loved by so many people. The film made its debut at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, and was released as a two-disc special edition DVD in the US on September 19, 2006.

The film discusses the traits and originators of some of metal’s many subgenres, including the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, power metal, Nu metal, glam metal, thrash metal, black metal, and death metal. Dunn uses a family-tree-type flowchart to document some of the most popular metal subgenres.

The film also explores various aspects of heavy metal culture. Notable segments include Dunn taking a trip to the Wacken Open Air festival, an interview with Dee Snider providing an analysis of the PMRC attack on heavy metal music, and an interview with several Norwegian black metal bands, many of whom are Satanists.

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Gone: The Story of Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander was a young British teenager who possessed an amazing talent for skateboarding, he was full of character and had crazy ambition for his age. Upon moving from Leicester to Bristol he discovered incredible opportunities such as sponsorship, recognition and invitation to travel different countries. It was here that he started living with professional skateboarder Danny Wainwright, and became engulfed in the responsibility free skater lifestyle.

Paul seemed to be well on his way to achieving his dream of turning pro until one day when it all changed, he was hit by something he had never experienced before and this had crippling results. Paul’s dreams it seemed had been robbed from him by a severe form metal illness. This is Paul’s story told to us by his friend and fellow skateboarder Tim Crawley.

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The Making of Star Wars

Hollywood California, August 1977, a triumphant moment in screen history. To the world famous Chinese Theatre come the stars of the biggest box office success  in motion picture history. CP30 and R2D2 are reunited for the first time since their epical appearance in Star Wars. Thousands are gathered to see the metallic megastars place their footprints in cement in the theatres courtyard. As the two hero’s from Star Wars make their impressions on the ground reserved for legends, the world resounds with the fact that Star Wars itself has become fledged social phenomenon becoming more than just a movie. If you have ever wondered how the all time classic was filmed, this is just the documentary for you, originally released in 1977, we are taken back in time and on an epic journey through the creation of Star Wars.

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Slipknot: Hellbound

In sixteen years they have been one of the more controversial bands in metal, they faced death without self destructing and now they have returned to the UK. Slipknot are back and in this short documentary, Daniel P Carter from the Rock Show on BBC Radio One gets the opportunity to unmask and interview one of the most prolific and brutal metal bands out there. Gaining exclusive access to the band backstage after their final gig, the first tour they completed in the UK in six year he speaks with Corey Taylor, Shawn Crahan and Jim Root about how it feels to be back touring after the death of founding member Paul Gray and the departure of drummer Joey Jordison.

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Murder in the Sky Flight MH17

A passenger plane explodes in the sky, smoking charred metal and bodies strewn across the countryside, soft toys, suitcases and passports litter the ground. This details the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, the plane that was shot down by separatists in Ukraine on the 17th of July 2014, killing all on board, this included 283 passengers and 15 crew.

Channel 4’s Dispatches get in touch with the friends and families of those that were needlessly caught up in the deadly conflict. As families mourn the world leading powers demand answers and this film asks, who was really to blame for the murder in the sky.


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