This Is How Diamonds Are Made

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Diamonds are made out of carbon, highly organized carbon, that is. Geologists are still guessing how diamonds formed in the Earth from 1 billion to 3 billion years ago, according to a recent study in the journal Nature, but they think the recipe follows something like this: 1. Bury carbon dioxide 100 miles into Earth…. Read more »

The Victoria Cross: For Valour

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The Victoria Cross: For Valour is a 2003 BBC television historical documentary presented by Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson examines the history of the Victoria Cross, and follows the story of one of the 1,354 men who were awarded it – Major Robert Henry Cain. The main part of the programme was to describe how in September 1944, Major Cain won… Read more »

The Hunt for Britain’s Metal Thieves

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In the past three years more than £13 million worth of metal has been stolen from Britain’s railway network. Cables, wiring and the rails themselves are removed by thieves who take advantage of the relative accessibility of the metal and the high prices it will fetch. (Thanks to Chinese demand, prices have risen 500 per… Read more »

Ancient Ink: Blood and Tattoos

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Starting in New Zealand, Craig Reynolds explores the tattooing culture around the globe. He kicks off with the Maori and the artists who maintain the ancient tattooing tradition.  There are so many different and diverse patterns and techniques…many are quite simply painful to endure. The Maori moko is very significant both for the male and female tribes folk. Many of the… Read more »

The Man Who Will Eat Anything for Fame

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This film tells the gut-wrenching story of Youtube sensation Shoenice22, who has spent the past two years eating and drinking everything from sticks of deodorant, to tampons, to full bottles of grain alcohol. Chris Schewe (Shoenice) has taken a different approach to ending world hunger, at the age of three he ate a packet of… Read more »

Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon

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“Rungs in a Ladder” is the latest short form documentary by production team McFarland and Pecci. A meditation on life, art, and purpose, the film centers on Jacob Bannon, an accomplished visual artist and the front man of the metal/hardcore band Converge, which has been carving its own iconoclastic path through the extreme music landscape… Read more »

Hawkwind: Do Not Panic

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The inside story of Hawkwind, one of Britain’s wildest acid rock bands. Emerging from the Ladbroke Grove underground at the end of the 60s, the band trailed radicalism and counter-culture in their wake, and have been a direct influence on punk, metal, dance and rave. Includes interviews with some of the band’s enduring legends, including… Read more »

Why You Do This

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This documentary is a personal story told from the perspective of satellite engineer and vocalist Michael Dafferner, who is a member of an unknown “math-core” metal band called Car Bomb. In 2007 Michael ventures out on his first U.S. tour and discovers that performing in an unknown band playing an unknown genre of music is… Read more »

Jay-Z and Linkin Park: Collision Course Documentary

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The first question everyone asks about Collision Course is “Is this album more Jay-Z or Linkin Park?” The wrong answer is that it’s Jay-Z with a loud band or a back-and-forth of covers where one rearranges the other. The right answer is that this CD/DVD set is quite possibly one of the best cross-genre pairings… Read more »