Allergy Planet

We are in the grip of an allergy epidemic. 50 years ago one in 30 were affected, but in Britain today it is closer to one in three.

Why this should be is one of modern medicine’s greatest puzzles.

In search of answers, Horizon travels round the globe, from the remotest inhabited island to the polluted centres of California and the UK.

We meet sufferers and the scientists who have dedicated their lives trying to answer the mystery of why we are becoming allergic to our world.


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  • john

    I think allergy is a bit overdiagnosed. And people think they have allergies, when in fact they don’t, they diagnose it themselves without consulting a doctor. Another fact is that allergy and hypersensitivity might get mixed. But I’ll watch the documentary now… Let’s see what they say!

  • thekingbeyondthegate

    nay bad.

  • Captain Obvious

    the problem is poor food (mcdonalds and pesticides), no excercise and pollution

    • Anonymous

      Next time your at McDonalds ask them to hold the pesticides.

  • Luayursula

    Do people get bleed out in the UK to get a blood sample, or that was just one terrible nurse?

  • Anonymous

    An Allergy is a disorder of the immune system often also referred to as atopy. Planet is a destination of allergy. There are so many different types of allergies.

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  • Uhhh, no video. However, I did read a small article that focused on the comparison of children raised on farms and those reared in the city and suburbs. The conclusion: those who grew up in an agrarian lifestyle were less likely to suffer from allergies. I’m just putting it out there. I’m not saying the information is true. It’s something I read, so don’t yell at me.