American Call-Girl

American Call-Girl takes us inside the world’s oldest profession, a thriving black market economy that’s just an internet connection or a phone call away. But there’s a gritty reality to the supply and demand of the American escort industry.

National Geographic’s Mariana van Zeller heads to Las Vegas, ground zero for the escort underworld. Here, high-end escorts like Sarah explain how they cultivate their illegal business online. As an independent worker, Sarah calls the shots and commands big money from clients. Yet for many women, a much different reality awaits.

Las Vegas Vice Detective Chris Baughman is on his way to investigate another pimp. He says that the image of glamour and luxury that high-end adult entertainers project is a part of the problem. For the majority of men, “what they’re getting isn’t some knockout that lives in a penthouse, that saves all her money and has the little toy poodle. It’s the same girl that’s getting beat. That’s being threatened.” The detective’s mission is to dismantle the Las Vegas call-girl industry, one American pimp at a time.

Not far from the bright lights and bustle of the Las Vegas strip, Mariana sits hidden in a van in a parking lot beneath a highway overpass. She is investigating an office building that houses call centers for dozens of adult entertainment agencies.

These agencies send girls to hotel rooms for private lap dances, and as long as they don’t advertise prostitution, they’re protected by free speech laws.

We can’t get the agencies to talk to us, so we go undercover to learn what’s really going on behind closed doors.

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  • bringmeredwine

    I watched this on TDF and it’s very well done.

  • pwndecaf

    Me, too! And I agree. Very interesting, which I would not have guessed. Why did I watch? I have no idea!

  • aksh

    i like,want 20yar girls

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  • angiem3

    The former “madam” with the long blonde hair and HUGE fish lips is extremely UN-attractive (UG-ly is more accurate). Guys spend large sums of money to spend time with trash like her??? Vegas used to be a great place to go for decent fun; now it’s enormously disgusting with all this filth. This country is a cesspool…