ANIMA from Dominoes Falling Productions, is a feature length documentary using a collaboration of various material. The film examines our relationships with ourselves, others and the environment around us. Other themes include our creativity and our power as individuals and as a collective to manifest our own reality.

an·i·ma [an´ĭ-mә]
The Latin translation of the Greek word ‘psyche’.
1. The inner self of an individual (soul); a relationship with ‘that which is greater than self.’
2. Expressions of the unconscious or true inner self of an individual (Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology).

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  • Sdfgsfg

    Did anyone else read it as “ENEMA”???

  • Mihaicmihai

    its shit 90%

  • JP

    Strangely I have been drawn to most of this content over the last few months, and here it all is all together.
    I’m still not inspired, but some fucking inspiring shit here!

  • Jackmeoff

    I was watching with an open mind until 21:00 or so…when the conversation between two men went on about people who criticize others work are “haters”. THAT IS SHEER FU#KING NONSENSE. Anyone who criticizes with an open mind does so because they have an open mind, not because they are “jealous” that they haven’t done anything themselves. Who are they to assume that all who criticize are not worthy of such criticism? This is BULLSH$T…..pure and simple.

    • Jack smoke less crack

      Dude your the one ho they talk about,do something with your life before your become grey as concrete… what your probably are already…

    • Ras

      jack, isn’t it funny how life is making an example of you?

  • Somsodja

    insightful perspectives… loved it!

  • talcom

    i dont believe in souls… but the music is nice

    • Sdfk

      whether you believe in gravity or not, does this belief alter the affects of gravity on you?

      • Robert

        Please don’t compare gravity to metaphysics – it reflects poorly upon the quality of discussion available here.

  • This is really good.

  • Go home and be a slave

    People ho are giving comments about how bad this is,are in fact to depressed to be themselves, lost in a there own world of cynical believes and hates about how 
    nun-perfect there life is. Please choose a train and don’t buy a ticket but just choose the rails..

    • Sietedias

      I think I’d rather be depressed than someone who encourages people to commit themselves to a violent death merely because they don’t enjoy a documentary. Not much love or positivity in your post, merely aggression violence and closed mindedness – have a look in the mirror followed by a quiet sit down and period of reflection.

      • jamie

        Spot on man….spot on…..

  • for your health

  • Anonymous

    shallow dogma. nothing whatever to do with Jungian concept. 

  • Gothica766

    How will i find out who does the rapping in certain bits pleasE?

    • undefined

      Tinie Tempah is one of them

      • Geptsy

        tinie tempah does not rap in this, lowkey and nate both are on facebook/twitter and youtube etc if you want to find them

    • Anonymous

      14:32 – “Never Let Me Down” by Kanye West

  • undefined

    Great video. A perspective that is hopefully inevitable. Great minds think alike…

  • CottonEyeJoe

    The best documentary I’ve seen this month!

  • Anonymous

    where can i download this?

  • superb!

  • Cha Darby


  • Physist

    This was the most amazing documentary/compilation of ideas I have ever seen. Please pay tribute to the author by visiting his Youtube page! It’s called dominoesfallingprods – Thank you!