anOther Story Of Progress

anOther Story Of Progress covers various issues, such as environmental destruction, indigenous resistance and insurrection – from a primitivist perspective. It also features primitivist thinkers such as John Zerzan and Layla AbdelRahim, as well as activists Vandana Shiva and Ana Maria Lozano from Justicia y Paz – to mention just some of the people appearing in the film.

Aside from footage shot with a home video-camera, material has been drawn from various documentaries to emphasise the thesis presented in the film: western civilization is a violent, destructive culture that has to be fought against.

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  • Natural1

    I gave it 10 minutes to grab my attention. And all I could make out was some non-sensical ramblings. I’m sure these guys mean well, but I will not watch any more of it.

    • Getoverhere

       The creators of this “documentary” are so ungrateful for all the scientific and technological innovation and accomplishment. They owe everything  to the modern technologies that they hate, including their lives.

      • Wainamoinen

        Yeah. Ungrateful like a slave to its slave owner…

  • KeseK

    “We are living in the most…Violent culture that has ever existed.”

    what about the Spanish Inquisition? Ancient Greece? Genghis Khans Conquests? 

    I’m really trying hard to take this all with a grain of salt, but this guy is reaching pretty far.

    • Wainamoinen

      First,  I would say that ancient Greece is the cradle of western civilization and the Spanish Inquisition was also  very much a part of that western civilization. It was that kind of violence they brought to America which began the genocide of native people there. 
      Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire or civilization if you will. Same thing with the Aztecs and the Incas. Also very violent and destructive cultures. In other words, where you have civilization, you have systematic oppresion, organized violence and destruction of the natural habitat. 

      What we have now is the same his but instead of horses and spears we have tanks,  automatic weapons and atomic bombs. Ok, so let’s talk about today, where should I start? The Iraq war? The insane destruction of the rain forests all over the world? The shootings? People are dying like flies man while you sit and on your couch watching TV. 
      However violent the ancient Greece, Spanish Inquisition and the Mongol Empire was it is NOTHING compared with what is going on now. And this is not based in ideology, it’s reality. But if you can’t see that you are so deeply in denial and suspect you will never wake up. And that is really sad, because we are now facing the sixth mass death on this planet. And the first ever brought on by a living organism. 

  • Banni

    Um, yeah. Western culture IS more violent than Ancient Greece and the Spanish Inquisition, easily. The violence is just exported abroad so comfy people like you don’t see it.   What about what has been done to Chile, Panama, Vietnam, Cambodia, Argentina, Grenada, Afganistan, Ethiopia and Somalia to name a few from many examples?  
    Don’t worry just chuck another random air strike Africa’s way, and don’t forget a nice healthy dose of depleted uranium.  That will make you feel better.

  • Daklegon

    This film carries an extremely important message. Well, that’s not strong enough. Actually it’s THE message of our time. But the dismissive, obviously illinformed comments from some viewers are not surprising. As indicated in the film, few people in our society can see any of what’s really going on or have any clue about how life was for nearly all of human history before civilization emerged about 10,000 years ago. I know I didn’t see it before spending a few years investigating deeply. As well, you have to be open to another way of looking at things. Thanks for this film!

  • Mr. H Garrison

    The video thumbnail looks like a man playing with his penis

  • steaky

    Am I the only one thinking this picture looks like a guy touching his dick!???

    • Wainamoinen

      does it make you feel inferior? 😉 you know what i think? i think that you would never dare to make a comment like that in my face… enjoy you’re little bubble of security behind you computer screen as long as it lasts… sooner or later it will all come down and even people like will have to face the real world… that goes for Mr. H Garrison as well. 

      • steaky

        wow lol, all I said was it looks like a penis. You’re the one going round attacking people online maybe YOU should step out of that bubble of yours grow a sense of humor, stop attacking people online and look up the word hypocrite… freak!

        • sunbeam

          tough guy behind the computer screen… lol what a joke you are.

  • theAware

    these guys are using the technologies to broadcast the frigging thing ? Maybe they should carve the documentary into a wall on a cave. I hope the robots take over like terminator!