Are All Men Pedophiles?

Are All Men Pedophiles? is a film directed by Dutch media producer Jan-Willem Breure which explores pedophilia, hebephilia and the notion that society is currently in a type of “pedophilia hysteria” arguing the case that there appears to be a “witch-hunt” taking place against men, viewing all males as potential pedophiles.

The movies tagline is “Eighteen Is Just A Number”, expressing the idea that all men are naturall hebephiles, meaning they are attracted to teenagers. The reasoning behind this claim is that due to low life expectancy in the past, men seem to be genetically programmed to find younger women more attractive in order to promote having children earlier in life.

The film examines pedophilia from more of a cultural and professional perspective, interviewing several experts, including neuroscientists, psychologists, sexologists and model-scouts. Contributors included neurobiologist Dick Swaab, forensic psychologist Corine de Ruiter, international model-booker Jinnah Lou Domino,and former PNVD spokesperson Marthijn Uittenbogaard.

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  • question everything

    The pseudoscience spewed during this film is sickening. The attempt at using evolutionary psychology to explain away perversion is a low mark. This film simultaneously asks us to see men as pitiful victims to society while the whole time talking about how “in the past” men having sex with girls would have been seen as perfectly fine. And then, as if to show how much they really despise women in general, they think they need to make the point that women can be pedophiles as well. So because 3% of women could be pedophiles we should look at all people as pedophiles? Really? And to claim pedophilia is no different than homosexuality is simply ludicrous. Even using their own pseudoscience, it makes no sense – either biologically or evolutionarily. I can’t believe I wasted an entire hour of my life on this drivel.

    • Hoeby

      Unlike you they were separating paedophilia the “crime” from paedophilia the “philia” as in sexual desire or preference. At no point did the film say molesting innocents who cannot give consent is okay. They said in some cases the desire is innate and unavoidable. Hebophilia is what largely is concentrated on here, which is the desire for recently sexually mature females. But it still did not endorse having sexual intercourse with adolescents without consent. No what it was doing was being honest about desire and sexual preference so the debate can be opened up, perhaps so we might be more aware of the dangers and protect children. Take the outrage, misrepresentation and anger down a notch and maybe think rationally for a second. I wasn’t aware of any glaring pseudoscience as you claim.
      The documentary you have described is not the one I saw.

  • Jaime

    The feeling i get when watching this documentary. Shock, pure disgust, anger and wanting to vomit. Especially when the pedos talk. Dont bring wine, bring your kids! WTF!! Trust no one!

    • Hoeby

      We can “trust” you to be reactionary and juvenile.