Atom: The Illusion of Reality

Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores how studying the atom forced us to rethink the nature of reality itself. He discovers that there might be parallel universes in which different versions of us exist, finds out that empty space isn’t empty at all, and investigates the differences in our perception of the world in the universe and the reality.

The final part of Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s documentary series about the basic building block of our universe, the atom.
Al-Khalili explores how studying the atom forced us to rethink the nature of reality itself, encountering ideas that seem like they are from science fiction but in fact are a central part of modern science. He discovers that there might be parallel universes in which different versions of us exist and finds out that empty space is not empty at all, but seething with activity.

The world we think we know – the solid, reassuring world of our senses – turns out to be a tiny sliver of an infinitely weirder and more wonderful universe than we had ever conceived in our wildest fantasies.

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  • Gabriel

    i did not write this!

  • fuckgreece

    Dint antimatter get annihilated during the formation of the universe? How can antimatter exist in our universe which is made of matter?   

    • Aron110289

      Our matter is made of empty space only around 1% of everything in the universe is matter

  • Lutemberg

    Observable matter is just a leftover from the initial annihilation. Antimatter can exist for example trapped in magnetic field, so it doesn’t interact with matter. 

  • Pookie

    ahh my brain hurts!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what my anti-matter counterpart is doing right now….

  • Thailer Donahue

    Okay I actually thought about this and expanded on it.. the relationship between matter and anti-matter is an equal and opposite reaction to each other. It is kind of like yin and yang. To examine this idea further one must look at what a particle of matter does, it creates the illusion of space contained in one point of time. Therefore the purpose of anti-matter would actually be a particle of time, creating a length, width and depth of time contained in one point of space. The one point in time containing the space is your “anti-matter” self and you are the point in space containing the time. This would create a self contained taurus which in its self is a universe.

    • Smokee_the_bear

      hey love the post i thought much the same as you did but i dont think anti matter and matter can be
      conceded by the perceived 4 dimensions anti matter can be mapped and see and it dose overlap the
      mapped matter. however when to matter masses collide the anti matter carrys on as if there was
      no coalition. I.N.the matter and antimatter traveler the 3 dimations at deffering times
      watch through the wormhole antimatter and touch base

  • Kaylee Smubbstep

    Seems like the next step could have the outcome of merging of quantum physics and spirituality.  No effing way though, right.  lol

  • Kaylee Smubbstep

    As an agnostic I feel excited about the possibility of the way sub atomic particles work being linked to some kind of consciousness.

  • Guest

    This documentary is ruined by the camera work and sound effects that try to convey confusion.

    OoooOOohhh the camera is moving in circles, aren’t you confuuussedd?

  • Zed

    Now I know that i don’t know anything…. I understand this in a same way an ape understands rain, “it is wet but I have no idea how it got up there”
    Some mighty smart human beings out there….

  • Slawhon

    Thank you!