Autopsy: Emergency Room Massive Blood Loss

Broadcast (2007) In this new three part series, von Hagens explores the impact that accidents and assaults have on the human body, while also demonstrating what first-aiders, paramedics and physicians can do to try to preserve life. First, he dissected human bodies to show how they work; then he did it to show how humans die. Now, Dr Gunther von Hagens, together with the British Red Cross, demonstrates how to save lives.

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  • Absolutely fascinating. Watching many more episodes on YT. Thanks for sharing this documentary!

  • Nick B

    whys this doctor wearing a cowboy hat ?! dudes creepy as hell

    • Adamski23

      I believe anatomists from the renaissance era were always depicted with them even whilst dissecting subjects, for no reason other than being a symbol of their separation from ‘normal’ society. I think that’s why Gunther does it- to express his individualism 🙂

    • He reminds me of the Nazi guy wearing the fedora who got melted in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • sebastien972

      I believe that he is simply going bald and trying to hide it under a hat.

  • Sugar

    Wow! Great program on where to inflict stab wounds the next time the spirit moves me! Hahaha and, the guy that looks like Freddy Krueger …he just wanted to stare at Anna while he was marking up her body. Haha and how could those ladies in the audience not look at model Dennis with a straight face…I would have been staring, smiling and Drooling hahaha the entire time! Good program lol

    • TiredOfIdiots

      Its not funny. This is meant to be taken seriously. Grow up.

  • lukus

    Good way for normal ppl to see human body in real. its kinda same like butchering other animals such as pigs, not bad program, just expected much more information before those bodies were wasted and obviously more questions asked from ppl watching…:[

  • monikah123

    I really enjoyed the documentary. Very informative and interesting. However I think they could have done it a bit more respectfully for both the live models and body donors. There was no need for the live models to be totally nude. I feel they could have shown more respect for the old man in covering his genitals and removing the femur with a bit more carefully.

    • guest`

      I think it was a tactful as possible given what they are doing, and the reason the models are nude is because its about true anatomy. Its only an issue to the immature.

  • Scott

    Video requires Divx plugin which does not work. Audio loops while video plays. Divx plugin will become unresponsive after about three minutes of video playback. Also, it was entertaining to do the addition problem without an explanation before sending this comment. Very odd.

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