Bomb Harvest

During the ‘Secret War’ that the Americans conducted in South East Asia during the conflict in Vietnam, nearly 2 million tonnes of bombs were dropped on neighbouring Laos.

Many of those bombs failed to explode and are embedded in the landscape. A new documentary BOMB HARVEST follows Australian bomb disposal specialist Laith Stevens in his work for the humanitarian organization Mines Advisory Group.

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  • Randall

    Excellent documentary about a major problem that few people even realise…until it blows up in their face. Hats off to the Ausies for having the heart to help these beautiful, but impoverished folks to clean up a very dangerous mess that the rich war-mongers left on their doorstep. I thought the USA was at war with the North Vietnamese, not the Laotian people.Why then, were there no Americans in there, helping to clean up the dangerous mess that they had no right to drop there in the first place. It’s their moral obligation to clean up and restore a conquered nation after peace has been restored, not sit around and boast of how…”We blew’em up good…real good!”…Good work and thanks to you Laith…

  • David

    The leaders of USA is a bunch of Nazis. Profiting on the behalf of others lives. Flat out disgusting.

  • Paulbus

    I agree with Randall. Why on earth are the Americans not in Laos, clearing up THEIR devastating mess? Thankfully guys like Laith are around to put their expertise to good use, because without them I’m quite sure more and more people, and in particular children, would be dying every day.

  • conor

    The US government and its puppets have a lot to answer for. I’ve met the Lao people and they are
    The most dignified,respectful ….angry and sad. Conor

  • denbenenki

    Laith Stevens you, your brothers and all the Laotian teams are heros for cleaning up those reckless, life threatening dumb bombs.

    In the USA, we have specially made bottle caps that children cannot open. Our cigarette lighters are fitted with a special lock to prevent children from using them. Small children have to sit in the back seat of our cars with a strap holding them to the seat and smaller children have to sit in a special seat in the back that is strapped to the car seat. We have people posted at cross walks to assist our children crossing the street to and from school. Movies and games are specially rated for content so that we can shelter our young from being scared or shocked. We have extra long prison sentences for people who are caught with illegal drugs within 1000 feet of schools. We have a lot of protections for those we call minors, which are anyone under the age of eighteen.
    For you to say those bombs are ours is an outrage. We would never allow anything like that in our neighborhoods, roads, or woods.
    If you are certain they are ours, I suggest you file a formal complaint and seek a judgment on who is to blame. And if ANY Court might find the bombs are ours, I suggest you request the Court order us to take them out; to order a set amount of our people between 18 and 25 go there in groups, sponsored wholly by our country for room, board, travel and medical, to assist the people there throughout the year for no less than 18 years, and; have the Court issue an order for a full apology from every town and city in our country with photos of us all and each a written apology.
    There is no one I know in the USA that feels sorry for these bombs you showed and I can only surmise that the bombs are not ours, for we should at least be ashamed and anxious to help get them out of there—if, they were ours.
    People who tend to do such careless things like drop bombs are more likely to do it again if they don’t ever realize that is a bad thing to do.
    Please do not respond that I am just refusing to acknowledge this or that, or accuse me of placing my head in the sand—if you can prove what you accuse—just file the charges and let’s settle this.

  • UpInTheTrees

    Yet another example of America spreading “freedom” across the world. *sigh*