The Breakthrough In Renewable Energy

In December of 2015 many of the world leaders had finally come to an agreement to stop climate change, it was an occasion to be celebrated because the deals lengthy negotiations had finally resulted in the decision to prevent a catastrophic warming of the Earth, but was it really the political victory it was made out to be?

This story tells us why now after 20 years of ineffective negotiations a climate agreement is finally in place. It is a story of numbers, economic predictions and scientific theories about how our political leaders have been guided by one thing only and that is… you’ve guessed it, money.

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  • We have to utilize the source of nature as much as possible like solar panels, rain water harvesting, electricity through dam water, wind mill etc.

    • 1848

      Coal and oil are natural sources of energy. They come from plants and animals that lived on this earth.

      • 2abner

        exactly right!
        it’s actually a form of recycling.
        people are so confused because they’ve wanted to forget about how that immense buried biomass came to be that now the enemy of our Creation thinks it can fool people into believing otherwise..

        • Leslie Graham

          Too funny.
          Burning coal that is carbon that was removed from the atmosphere over hundreds of millions of years and putting all that CO2 back into the atmosphere in one go in just a few decades.
          What could possibly go wrong? All we are doing is fundamentally and radically altering the composition of our atmosphere. Nothing is going to happen is it.
          And your link is to a right wing nutjob creationist blog.
          Sheesh – how do people like you even survive into adulthood.

  • Jennie

    Is this the same as this documentary from DailyDocumentaries?