Building Gods

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Beginning in 2002, American filmmaker Ken Gumbs began traveling the globe interviewing some of the world’s leading technological, religious and philosophical theorists. He went out in the hopes of discovering how our quickly evolving technology may someday challenge who we are and what our world will become.

Robots. Cyborgs. God. Souls. Immortality. Building Gods investigates the world of technology to reveal some of humanity’s biggest questions. What is life? Where do we come from? Where is humanity heading? What are souls?

For the first time anywhere, some of the world’s leading theorists are allowed to openly debate the technological future of the human race: a future that may involve paradise or war, immortality or extinction.

Building Gods stands as a testament for future generations to understand what the world’s greatest thinkers believed at the beginning of this new century. Their worst fears and greatest hopes may soon become a reality.

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