Busting Out

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Busting Out, a new documentary by filmmakers Francine Strickwerda and Laurel Spellman Smith, explores the history and politics of breast obsession in America. The film is a disarmingly honest and intimate exploration of our society’s attitudes towards breasts and how they affect women’s health and happiness. Busting Out’s great strength is that it manages to combine personal story-telling with devastating analysis, sad case histories with humor, and frank talk of sexual subjects with sweet innocence.

In America today, there’s a lot of heat around breasts. But in so many places around the world, breasts are, well, breasts just are. They’re functional, natural, normal, and out there. What I want to know is: why are we so obsessed?

Busting Out challenges both women and men to think about breasts in new ways, question what the culture tells us about breasts, and understand who’s profiting from our attitudes and who is being harmed.

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  • Hannah

    This is in Chinese.

  • Annabelle

    English starts at 01:47 !!

  • pwndecaf

    There is talking?  Why?

  • Krystal

    You can find the whole thing on Netflix instant play