Can We Get Married?

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Like many couples who have been together for six years and are in their late twenties, Emma Bishop and Ben Marshall are thinking of getting married. But for them, it is not entirely straightforward.

Emma and Ben both have Down’s syndrome and are residents of a supported-living community in Devon, where they have an active social life and part-time jobs. They live in a small house with their friend Cy Clench, who also has Down’s syndrome. If Emma and Ben were to get married, it could mean a completely different way of living.

Through the high spirits of their dance nights to the tired conversations at the end of their working days, this film follows Emma and Ben as they decide whether married life would be an enormous stress they could do without, or the romantic dream they always imagined.

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  • taylor

    Actually it is scientifically proven that most Down’s Syndrome men are infertile anyway.

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  • nomoremexodus

    NO…i dont think they should be allowed to breed.

    • Sara Jasper

      They can breed without getting married dipweed.

  • Steefy

    Link doesn’t work anymore..