Can You Hack It? – Hackers Wanted

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Hackers Wanted is an unreleased American documentary film. Directed and written by Sam Bozzo, the film explores the origins and nature of hackers and hacking by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo, and contrasting his story with that of controversial figures throughout history. The film is narrated by Kevin Spacey.

Originally named Can You Hack It?, the film failed to get a conventional release, according to Lamo, because of conflicts between its producer and others on the team. The more commonly cited reason is a problem with the quality of the finished product. On May 20, 2010, a version of the film was leaked. Lamo has stated that he had no involvement in the leak.

It’s ironic that a film about overcoming barriers, about new technologies, about thinking differently, had to come to the public eye by being hacked out of the hands of people who, after making a film about the free flow of information, tried to lock away that information forever. The truth tends to itself. -Adrian Lamo.

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  • Andre Bordeleau

    I believe I have a new hero …Adrian! and maybe a little more hatred for the American coporate way…or is that really the American government?! nuff said

    • Dogger

      A whitehater that believed to much in the “white hats protect the good” bullshit now become CIA’s bitch. Also main witness against Bradley Manning.

  • AnarchoRationalist

    “Frankly we could own all the master hackers in our own country…”

    God forbid. I feel so much pity for the “patriot hackers” buying into the nationalist bullshit and putting their brilliant skills to such dim ends.

  • Anonymous

    what a solid docu

  • mtothep

    for the majority of the people kept in the dark, this doc can slap everyone awake

  • mtothep

    for the majority of the people kept in the dark, this doc can slap everyone awake

  • Simon Phaneuf

    Broken Link.-

  • Blackcarbon24

    where is adrian lemo

  • kissing jesus with tounge

    very cool, i wonder why this film was not meant to be released (read description)