Canada’s War on Weed

With a reported value of over 6 billion dollars, it’s no secret that marijuana in British Columbia is big business. However, due to the recent legalization of weed in Washington and Colorado, the draconian crime laws pushed forward by the Canadian Conservative government’s omnibus crime bill, and recent changes to medical marijuana regulations, the entire industry is suddenly facing an identity crisis. VICE Canada went west to talk to the people directly affected by these recent events: from the legalization activists and the large and small scale growers, to the illegal traffickers and law enforcement, we talked to the people on the front lines of the battle for control over one of Canada’s most undervalued resource.

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  • question for those living in Canada. if 75% of Canadians think legalization of marijuana is good how did Harper get elected?? are 51% of you to stoned to vote?

    • bringmeredwine

      I never voted for Harper!

    • Harper got a total of 30% of the popular vote. He won because he was well financed by Albert oil money which allowed him to dramatically outspend the competition. It has also recently been revealed in the Robocall scandal that they placed calls to minorities and other groups that would vote for opposition parties that confused these people and sent them to the wrong voting stations. Up to 600,000 people were effected by this, enough to give Harper victory.

  • when criminals are worried about legalization it’s a good idea to legalize.

  • shel

    politicians who wants to legalize marijuana may be after money, corruption! and all these are lies, not about the money? why the hell spend all your time planting marijuana if there’s no profit!

  • shel

    if you legalize it for sure there will be a lot of ambitious people planting marijuana then the more it will be available, the more supply and then the more users…the more high you get the more you become abuser…

  • FUCK HARPER… to get me a t-shirt ! Free Marc Emery…jail Harper

  • bb

    smarten up….. the usa is beating us