China: Inventing Innovation?

China cannot maintain its historic economic growth unless it starts pushing innovation in ways that the United States has never imagined. One city in China has announced a program to create an army of Steve Jobs type innovators over the next five years. The government has given orders for its citizens to become more creative.

For years, China has been promoting a policy of “indigenous innovation” – favouring domestic firms who develop their own technologies.

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  • Patrickwheelhouse

    I love it, wy to go China 🙂

  • Iringu

    Aggressive, anti- considerate expansions. no no no I dont want to see it or be a part of it.  The world is full of selfish beings, were not ready for a whole nation

  • Tom Tintle

    State mandated creativity.  Then what…..prison or execution for the aware 
    Chinese HUMAN being who refuses to join this insane world’s Capitalism as
    Blood Sport mentality.  A sport, as currently played , where there will be LOSERS
    Only.   Progress?  Yeah…an ever accelerating progress to hell on earth.

  • Joe

    This is not proper communist, Communist founder Karl Marx was liberal, and believed that leaders are meant to give more and more power to the people constantly until overtime it’s 100% people power. He wrote how there is always an oppressor and the oppressed, and that’s what he was against. 

    • proper communism can’t work

    • Well it’s more capitalist than communist nowadays, I faintly recall seeing a quote from the head of Bank of China (I might be wrong) who said something along the lines of “we are the communist party and we get to define what communism is”.

  • Karl Marx was a hypocrite, liar and fool. He should be in the junk bin of history alongside the flat earth and religion theories.

  • darwind

    China needs to crack down on corruption piracy and copy write theft. Why innovate when you can steal.

    A rigid culture of fear and corruption does not create free thinkers. What is needed is a cultural revolution with freedom democracy and rule of law equal for all citizens. Until you have true freedom and rule of law China will remain the cheap corrupt knock off capital off the world.

    Maybe they can get it back,. A long time ago paper making, the compass gun power and printing all came from China. Perhaps they can get back that spirit of innovation one day.

  • hello from hellas – greece.the other greate civilaisation….