Disenfranchised in America

New legislation across the US could have a huge impact on the country’s 2012 presidential elections.
Largely Republican politicians have passed a range of new voting laws that groups fear could disenfranchise as many as five million American voters this year.

Politicians claim that they are concerned about preventing voter fraud but minority communities see the civil rights gained in the 1960s as being under attack again in a subtler way.
The department of justice has already made strong rulings against laws that have been passed in South Carolina and Texas because they discriminate against minorities.

Fault Lines travels to Tennessee and Florida, two states that have passed strict laws, to explore the origins and consequences of the new legislation.

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  • DaftAida

    Stop it. Another ‘diversity, equality’ for the sake of ‘minorities’ which is psychopolitical trash. The only ‘minorities’ to worry about are the stinking filthy elites who devised these genocidal policies.

  • Rick

    If you really want to disenfranchise “minorities,” just institute a minimum required IQ for voting.

  • THIS is HATE film….this is the most biased BS I have ever seen. We have a [so-called] Black president and Sec of Defense….. WHAT is the problem….. This race CRAP MUST STOP.
    I mean, so how much does it take to register to vote? You goto the courthouse and register…..that’s all it takes. What’s the problem, ?? you don’t get a check for doing it?

  • suckers

    yeah..cause electing a black president automatically makes racism disappear…nice logic prisoner…lol

  • suckers

    this is an excellent news report….watch it and make up your own mind….

    Ignore the racists above…

  • Godinn

    Fuck all of you who think having to show your ID to vote is racist. I am a veteran and I am telling you right fucking now, of you can’t get an ID then you don’t get to vote. Its free in most states. But we already KNOW that the Democratic party has been using illegals and dead people to fill their vote boxes. It is disgusting. The Republicans are no better either with the electronic voting fraud. Get your heads out of your asses people, you are being led and misled at the same time. Fucking racism, really? Didn’t anyone here take biology? We are all of the same race. Ethnicity differes from region to region but we are not different sub species of a parent organism. We are all human. One race known as the human race. God damn it you morons.

  • denbenenki

    49% to 51%
    1. Election was close, but we lost.
    2. Election was close, we should have won.
    3. Election was close, I think we did win.
    4. Election wasn’t close, how did they win?
    5. Obama. Did we finally win?

  • denbenenki

    My Dear Fellow Citizens.., Do not worry yourselves over the voting rules. No need to figure how to register or where. No more do you need to worry if the authorities are going to create more obstacles to vote. IT IS SETTLED. Your Vote Does Not Count–regardless of color.

  • Godinn

    Another thing. I served my country, that didn’t care. Why should douchebags collect when I am left to lie in leaves.

  • Prophet Adam

    Yay go the 1%! Sheep gotta be herded!

  • BenFromIceland

    1/5 – Terribly biased, would not recommend.

    Also funny, they never mentioned Ron Paul. (2012!)

  • destructifier

    …and I suppose requiring people to have drivers licenses to operate a vehicle is a sinister plot to make black people ride the bus then too.

  • Pete

    having a photo id is really too much to ask?