DIVE!, the documentary about living off America’s trash has been making the rounds of the film festivals for some time now. It’s even sparked a huge campaign to get Trader Joe’s to stop wasting food

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  • Eldelsur3

    Coming from a 3rd world country i know what is like to starve and have notting to eat. I Currently live in nyc and work in the restaurant business. Every single day i see how food goes to waist and how people actually know what is going on in the world but since it doesn’t affect them then… its not the problem. Im sure right now somewhere their is a mother with no food to give to this kid. People please be open to learn. Learn about other cultures, learn whats going on in the work and be open minded. Help others with out waiting for something in return.

  • Magda Rozga

    Un magnifique documentaire! C’est simple, on peut vivre bien mieux avec beaucoup moins… Il faut juste arrêter de gaspiller!

  • max kieser

    great documentary, wise up america feed the world!!

  • darwind

    Great Doc. Amazing. The West needs to wake up.

  • Jancita

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!
    I think this should be in all food stores as a hiring training, at all schools to educate all student. we all need a wake up call! we have lost the point of living and we are living in a fantasy world. WE CAN STOP WORLD Hunger!!! it just sad that we choose to look the other way :..(

  • Mark

    Amazing. I work in hospitality and always cringe at how much gets thrown in the bin…when there is nowt wrong with it. Such a terrible waste.

  • Ryan
    • Matt

      Thanks Ryan!

    • Violetta

      I have to download ilivid to watch the movie. The app is known for its malware content. How can I see the movie without ilivid?

  • someone

    well this is an ok video but, what sucks is the fact that more and more people are bringing this to the eyes of the general public…dumpsters are getting locked down for those managers that are misinformed and afraid of “law Suits” from edible items in dumpsters.
    alt living tourists are ruining what a majority of us depend on to feed our self and family.
    as more and more business men realize whats going on , more and more of them are replacing dumpsters with trash compactors.