Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again

Donald Trump: Make America Hate Again is a film which sets about examining the many parallels between Donald Trump and many well known narcissists. It also explores how Trump is using right-wing populism, Islamophobia, racism and nationalism to stir up the political pot in order to gain attention. However in doing so he has found much support in the form of white supremacy, many of these individuals have stated that their organisations are growing drastically thanks to Mr. Trump.

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  • Ballsout

    if they ever make a movie about rachel maddow, edward norton should play her

  • MsgtABN the Deplorable

    I guess when FDR banned German, Italian, and Japanese immigrants and interred the Japanese it was done out of love , right? i love the liberal media and their convenient amnesia or the lack of history. It’s all about NOW isn’t it?