Donated To Science

“Several years ago we interviewed a group of people who were planning to donate their bodies to the Otago Medical School for dissection by students. They also gave us permission to follow their bodies through the whole process. This amazing, moving and above all human film is the result” – From the producers

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  • Michelley_belle

    Unfortunate it’s not in English ūüôĀ

    • Bhjkl

      it’s 95% in English

  • Joanandemma

    I’m disappointed that it’s not in English, but if you click the CC, you can choose to translate the audio, which makes it watchable. ¬†

  • Joanandemma

    oh ho Рif you carry on a bit , behold Рthere is English being spoken!  

  • Sadi44

    if You persist first minutes after rest of film is in eglish. By the way there is nowhere writte that tis doc portail is reserved for only eglish spoken people ūüėČ

  • Anonymous

    Easily one of the top 5 documentaries I have EVER seen.  Extremely moving.

  • Justen Bontekoe

    very good documentary. not for kids though! Maybe a disclaimer at the top would be a good thing.

    (i’m not freaked out at all but other people will be)

    • politicsstudent

      its a documentary about medical cadavers! Isn’t that a disclaimer in itself?

  • Shortland Street? Haha I had a feeling this¬†was filmed in New¬†Zealand

    • guest

      “Otago Medical School” would be a bit to a give away wouldn’t it.¬†

  • Jennyshore52


  • NzPryde

    beached az brew!

    • guest

      You wonna chup brew? 

      • annon

        You know I can’t grab your ghost chups!

        • guest

          It’s not my fault you’re to busy internalizing a really¬†complicated¬†situation in your head.¬†

  • WOW! planned for years to donate when time comes, never thought about it effecting the students so strongly!

    • tomregit

      I have donated my body to the medical department at the University of British Columbia. You must make the proper arrangements while you are healthy and able to do so. A sudden death by accident, stroke, heart attack, etc. will render the best of intentions null and void. All arrangements can be made through the mail by contacting the organization you wish to give your body to. The entire procedure will be explained and it is very simple. It will be a great benefit with the added plus of keeping your corpse out of the hands of the funeral industry.

      Unfortunately this documentary has been deleted and I am unable to watch it.

  • Yo

    very interesting…

  • Sandro Vidal

    DearÔĽŅ Vidasan, Please take ‘Donated to Science’ off from your Youtube Channel. It is my copyright material. If you do not, I will report you for copyright violation. Sorry, but I make my living from my films. Regards pAUL.
    so i will take off the doc for a time

    so the doc will be take off sory !

  • This was an amazing documentary. I have always wanted to donate my body to science just as my grandmother did. Thank you for the tenderness shown in this film.

  • Joseph

    another link

  • kathtastik

    Here is a current link as of April 2017 for “Donated to Science”