Dying To Sleep

Dying to sleep is a documentary on a extremely rare condition where the individual suffering from the disease known as Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) can no longer fall asleep. The disease itself targets the thalamus which is responsible for a host of functions including regulating our sleep.

FFI is a disease for which there is no current cure and death usually occurs between 7 and 36 months after the effects of FFI set in, on average this is about 50 years of age.

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  • shinz

    I heard about this condition on tv about a music teacher who could not fall asleep. His students loved him. When he died everybody said he finally got some rest. Even back then no one knew what it was. Seems like in this case some anesthesia might help them induce sleeping.

    • kittencharmer

      The problem with anesthesia is that it’s not restoring like sleep. A lot of things go on during sleep, while anesthesia mostly shuts down a lot of the communication with the brain.
      So when Michael Jackson was craving propofol, really all it was doing was shutting him down.

  • Skyla’s Nana

    Has melatonin been tried for this? I had chronic insomnia and it helped me