Earth In The Future

An attempt to understand and predict what will happen in the future in regards to humanities survival, this relates to how we will harness sustainable and renewable energy, build eco friendly cities and the technology required to make these advancements happen.

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  • This is a little too hockey for me. In 50 years this documentary will appear as silly as one made in the 1950s that attempted to predict life in the year 2000.

  • Todd Morrow

    Skip this. It’s just a commercial for Shell Oil.

  • Thomas Covenent

    wow! what a bunch of crap, by 2050 this planet will be a lifeless desert for the most part,with daytime surface temps of 140, 150 degrees fahrenheit,where most people are currently living today, sea levels twenty or so feet higher than they are now, most life forms including humans will be mostly gone, The remaining humans will be living in underground cities or ? and the sizzling corpses of 7 billion people and millions of species on land and whats left of the oceans yay!