Every F*cking Day of My Life

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Married at 16 years – with 18 years of violence following – left Wendy terrified. She summoned the courage to deal with her husband the only way she knew possible.
Originally as One Minute to Nine, this documentary finally arrives at HBO with a somewhat more in-your-face title – and, in a stark, spare way that has come to characterize the pay channel, delivers a pretty bracing wallop.
A harrowing portrait of domestic abuse, the project draws heavily on video shot by the dead abuser, as his wife, Wendy Maldonado, spends her final days of freedom before going to jail for his murder.
The net result is every bit as chilling and depressing as one might expect. Includes captions for the hearing impaired.

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  • http://documentoryheaven gary crocker

    I cant believe this poor woman and her son are serving prison sentences when all they done was defend themselves from someone that inflicted so much torture and pain on them and who would have more than likely ended up killing them. They are not a threat to society at all and were only driven to what they done by many years of extreme fear. i just realised that randy may have been released by now as it said he was eligable for parole in 2011,im praying he was released, but to think that his poor mother has served 8 years and still has 2 years to serve is unthinkable.The whole of that family has gone through such a nightmare and i just pray that the powers to be in the usa see sense and release her asap.I live in the uk and our justice system is far from perfect but in this case im sure our judges would have seen sense and given a suspended sentence at the most.

  • Gil

    I cannot believe that those neighbors and the people who witnessed Aaron beating Wendy, dragging her across the gravel, pushing her up against the car window, etc. did not say ANYTHING. That is despicable. Her neighbors heard that man beating her hundreds of times and did NOTHING. There is no excuse for that. It is so easy to pick up the phone and call the police. They would have come and taken him away. There is no reason why this woman had to endure that torture for as many years as she did. It is so so so important to help those who cannot help themselves, it is so important to say something if you see something.

  • Jessica Claire

    Apparently you didn’t watch this documentary, or else you’d understand a little bit more why women stay.

  • Luis Meneses

    Another example of how the justice system,is a sham,in most cases the violence could have been prevented and dealt with.All over the world the story repeats it self.What amazes me the most is how we as a developed society,”democratic” and free,allows this to happen.The victims when they defend themselves are sentenced like criminals,and most cases the perpetrator walks away,in this case Aron is where he should be and God sent him to rot where he belongs.Maybe instead of going to other countries to supposedly fight for human rights and freedom, and criticizing the treatment of women in other nations…..take a GOOD look and see the the pathetic justice system,we live in,and those who are here to protect and serve,obviously their priorities are not in order !!!!!!