FBI’s Crime Lab

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Get the inside story on the state-of-the-art facility where the world’s best forensic experts ply their trade. Its beginnings can be traced to a disused lounge in 1932.

But as forensic science took on an increasingly important role in crime fighting, the FBI devoted more and more resources to it. Today, the FBI’s Crime Lab is housed in a brand-new, $150 million facility on their Quantico campus.

From the humble origins to the top floor of the new building, MODERN MARVELS® traces the history of the FBI’s forensic operations.

In-depth features highlight some of the most important departments, like Firearms, DNA and Fingerprints, and analysis of case files bring their triumphs to life.

Agents reveal what they are allowed to of the work that goes on here, and we’ll get a rare glimpse of some of the cutting-edge technologies that are being perfected.

And top administrators reflect on the changes wrought by September 11th, and how the FBI is adjusting to their role in the War on Terror.

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