The Foster Home From Hell

This Vice News exclusive is an investigation into the a man named Jay Ram, Ram was once considered a local hero for his efforts in fostering and taking care of many young boys that were stuck in the system. This being said however only just recently several of his fostered sons have come forward claiming that he sexually abused them and made them recruit other young boys for him to molest. Ram has never been convicted for any of these alleged crimes, so Vice goes undercover to try and discover the truth.

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  • AnonDocu

    what an absolute piece of shit. And he hasn’t been charged? Where the f is he?

  • martre66

    This sounds a lot like the home I grew up in.I was adopted ,but,my adoptive dad brought in lots of forster kids.He was a Columbia, Mo.police officer and a very well respected member of his community.He was also the leader of a boy scout troop.Only he was a pedophile.I was molested throughout my entire childhood.Only once by him as far as I can remember.The rest was from the perverted,criminal minded juvenile delinquents he would bring home.,but,I did witness at least one other boy being molested.And,it was obvious that there was many,many others.

  • Mike

    Humans are a disgusting species & should be eradicated. There is something fundamentally wrong with our species that has perpetuated from thousands of years of religious indoctrination, selective breeding & the slaughter of rational minds.

    • Jamie Holmes

      Fucking humans man. The decent thing to do would be to walk into the sunset hand in hand. If you catch my drift.

  • Mike

    His name is Ram. Ass Ram.