Freeze Me

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Imagine your body in an aluminum container filled with liquid nitrogen that will be kept in deep-freeze for hundreds of years. This documentary takes you through an entire cryopreservation process. Can it really offer people a second chance on life?

Cryogenics is an extremely controversial subject…what do you think?

Freeze Me, 4.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  • Alexander

    surprisingly dull. I don’t know how they made a topic that sounds so interesting seem so boring. this was not engaging at all. an ok documentary by all means, but not mandatory to watch – to put it like that.

    meh. it was okay. wouldn’t watch it unless you are really obscenely interested in this, or have some time to kill, and can’t find any other way to kill it.

    • Sophie

      thanks for saving me an hour :)


    Being shriveled is not a good thing :D


    Being shriveled is not a good thing :D


    Being shriveled is not a good thing :D

  • Streetz

    Alexander your so right thanks for saving me an hour