Front Lines of the Libyan Revolution

VICE Founder Shane Smith takes you into the heart of the Libyan revolution, where the stakes are simple: victory or death. We head into rebel-controlled eastern Libya, traveling from the Egyptian border to Benghazi and then onto the front lines in Misrata to document the violent revolution.

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  • joe

    One sided and shallow… but I suppose what else can be expected from Vice documentaries. Stick to what you do well,,, covering vice

  • dave

    These vice docs seem to be more about the people making them than the actual subject.

  • paul

    weather it be a one sided doc or not…gaddafi was a murdering despot who destroyed a part of humanity for his own wealth and gain….a total megalomaniac that is not different to Hitler or Stalin..good riddance!

    • Qadhafi was a dictator, but not on the level of Hitler or Stalin. Stop exaggerating.

  • documentaries FTW

    One sided,yes. Not one word about the fact that without NATO:s air-support the rebels whould have been crushed. Nice shots of the rebels weapons though. 610