Released in 2005, FUCK is a documentary by Steve Anderson and examines the word “fuck” and its origins. The films itself argues that the word is an essential part of society and discussion and represents freedom of speech in itself. It examines the term from various perspectives which includes art, linguists, society, comedy, etc. Including interviews with many public figures.

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  • Odin

    Fuck you for trying to tell me what I can and can’t say. Who the fuck do you think you are? Fucking piece of shit. -To all them conservative fucks. Signed; Fuck You.

  • pwndecaf

    Well said!

  • readback

    i have to agree with the bible basher in this movie – if u are willing to express nonsense then society will view u that way. the english language is anecdotal of our existance, so to deny its grace is stupidity. fuck is a meaningless word

  • me

    Fucking good documentary.

  • Antonio Zighelboim

    It is ik to show torture and but but to say “fuck” or “shit”? Anyway, every time we hear “bleep”, we automatically thik the words!

  • Hanora Brennan

    For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge = legal term