Ghosts on the Underground

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More than one billion people use London underground annually, yet few of them know just how haunted the tube really is. We investigate the supernatural secrets of the oldest underground network in the world. Our hair-raising journey takes us through the graves, church crypts and plague pits that tube tunnels have disrupted. We hear the startling stories of the men and women who work one hundred and fifty feet below our capital’s pavements; we also scrutinise the network’s amazing architecture and exceptional engineering.

This remarkable programme enables us to survey one of the most familiar environments in London from a radical and chilling perspective.We hear the supernatural stories of London Underground staff members who man the echoing stations and tunnels at night, long after the commuters have disappeared. For the first time on camera, drivers and station staff discuss their unexplainable subterranean experiences, outlining the effect that the incidents have had on them.

They reveal terrifying tales of encounters with phantom passengers on empty trains resting in holding tunnels. They also report seeing spectral commuters on disused platforms, and phantasmal figures on security cameras in closed down stations in the early hours of the morning. We hear from the ‘trackwalkers’ who walk miles of pitch black tunnels alone each night, and look at the ghoulish photographs that have baffled countless experts.

Our journey allows us to delve into the obscure nooks and crannies of the network. We look at the London Underground’s astounding architecture, revealing the often overlooked beauty of the world’s largest underground network. This ghoulishly gripping documentary will shed a frightful new light on your ‘boring’ daily commute.

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  • Louise

    This is a lovely documentary – I don’t believe in ghosts myself but enjoy a good ghost story. The Tube is an extraordinary place, very atmospheric, and I’m not surprised it lends itself to spooky tales. I’m glad to see that some attempt has been made by the programme’s makers to find an explanation for some of the happenings we hear of on screen.

  • Anonymous

    great documentary i shit my pants

  • jim

    infra sound ? whats that got to do with this topic

    • Celltribe

      It’s the elephant in the room. Get it?

  • Natural1

    Really really great.

  • Molosser

    Even as a skeptic and atheist,I enjoyed this documentary.It reminds us,that there are still things to explore.

  • Laura

    An interesting doc. Made my hair stand up. Would like to hear of more recent encounters.

  • thetalisman

    Very cool and a little creepy….ghost make perfect sence. Why wouldn’t such things exsists? Or is the world still flat?