The story of David “Gone” Brault, a 23-year-old college student who lives at the abandoned Damen Silos in Chicago by choice, hoping to teach people how to live in the post-apocalypse.

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  • pwndecaf

    Good for him, I suppose, but he appears to be mentally ill. A bit manic, perhaps.

  • T Klose


  • Baron Von Watermelon

    I agree with the first comment. This guy is definitely mentally unwell. Not because of what he’s doing, but because of the way he acts and what he says.

  • scottso68

    people may say he is “delusional” or metaly unbalanced” and this may be somewhat true, but when sh*t goes south (world events) ..he is gonna be way ahead of most folks, and he,ll be the one surviving and laughing last!!

  • Patrick

    ha ha , I like him and don’t think he is mentally ill at all, creative would discribe him better 🙂

  • Kriss

    The narrower your mind is, the more people will appear strange. To me this guy comes off more sane than most people.

  • Guest

    at least he is happy

  • dib

    Just look at this stupid nerd. He decided to live like any other homeless person on this planet and for him it’s an “apocalypse simulation”. Too much of apocalypse/zombie movies or even video games was obviously bad for his brains.

  • Bobby

    Y is it that when someone is different from the norm, people assume that you are mentally ill?

    • goldensilence

      Because the “norm” are mentally ill

  • Steel9

    Lol, hope the property owner doesn’t see this doc.

  • bringmeredwine

    I couldn’t get it to play.

  • bringmeredwine

    I finally got it to play. Was surprised by how short this was. Is entirely shot with a handheld, but gets the job done.
    What a sweet, little man. I wish him all the best and hope he doesn’t get evicted.
    I’m not convinced that he’s “crazy”. He is able to live his life as he chooses to; how many of us are just paying our bills and waiting to die? Sane and miserable.

  • stebunn

    This is a nice little character-study of an interesting character.
    Unfortunately, he is a lot more optimistic about “the end of the world” than I am.

  • Oliver

    I wish this documentary was wayyyy longer. Too good and interesting to be this short.

  • ghost

    that guy was adorable!

  • DaveonMackey

    I don’t see anything wrong with him, he needs a partner as in life partner or wife or spouse or whatever he is down with.

  • Guest

    I think he has ADHD… severe. But what a lovely life philosophy.

  • louise

    i like this guy …why not …at least hes happy 🙂