Ground Zero: Syria

Ground Zero: Syria is a compiled photojournalist and videographer Robert King’s footage into a series of raw, largely unedited vignettes that present a snapshot of the ancient city as it crumbles and burns while its citizens are killed indiscriminately.

Amid a fierce battle between Assad’s security forces and Free Syrian Army insurgents, fire swept through the old Souk of Aleppo, a historic covered market and World Heritage site.

Rebel fighters and activists have reported that the blaze was sparked by the use of incendiary mortar rounds by Assad’s forces. The atrocities and war crimes currently ripping Syria apart are evident inside a field hospital in Aleppo, the country’s largest city. Inside the hospital exhausted doctors indiscriminately treat civilians, members of the Free Syrian Army, and captured Syrian Army troops alike.

Every day the men, women, and children, must risk their lives to stand in line and hope that they can buy a kilo of bread to survive another day. Many of the bread factories have been destroyed amid fighting between the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s troops. The few that remain are staffed by brave souls who risk their lives every day to ensure the local population has basic sustenance.

During his time in Syria throughout much of 2012, videographer Robert KIng followed Aleppo’s Al-Tawhid Brigade as he dodged bullets and rocket fire to learn more about the largest brigade of the Free Syrian Army.

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  • Dave

    Hard hitting and top reporting from vice!

  • nashwise

    The best real event reporting I have ever watched on Syria forgotten and ophaned war. The Syrian people just want a simple freedom and they were bombed. Hopefully the world recover their lost sanity and help the people.

  • mazx6

    Kinda reminds me what we did to the Iraqis

  • this is too real

  • Poppy

    Pray for the Syrian people everyday.

  • shaharazaad

    May God leviate all there pain and suffering and give them the paradise they deserve in there eternal life. Life and death is in gods hands and let these oppresses think they are winning. There end and there eternal life, will be what they deserve. My heart ached and my tears could only flow! But i remember this life is merely a test and Allah is great and knows best.

    May the muslims , increase there imaan worship god only and pray when the angel of death comes to collect them, that he comes with a beautiful greeting.

    May Allah elevate these beautiful people Ameen!

  • Salti1983

    May Allah give the brave Doctors and medical staff strength to keep going and i take my hat off to you all for the incredable work you are doing for your people!!!!!!

  • Hi, You have done a wonderful job. I’m going to definitely reddit the item as well as in my see would suggest to be able to my pals. I know will have them benefited from this page.

  • It’s not a coincidence that all of this benefits the Zionist Sand Pigs in Israel. Zionism is the cause of practically all of the problems. As long as we keep doing the dirty work for Israel, and propping up this terrorist state, everything can only get worse. We need to cut ALL aid for Israel immediately!!

    Every time someone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.