Hackers Wanted

This film both follows the hacking adventures of famous hacker Adrian Lamo, and uses them as a microcosm for the macrocosm of struggles faced by emerging trends of thought – from the criminal to the philosophical.

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  • MichaelKinsey

    there not stupid enough to help the government fight a bunch of terrorist that are just funded by the US The data base is where th payroll is.Hack that! Al Quiada means data base our data base, The war on terror is against the American public by our government. The greys will not help the government.

  • Steel9

    Hackers, or humans with free thought are not outlaws or patriots. Outlaws are going against the law, but the politicians who make the laws are breaking laws that were in place before their laws were enacted, and because the politicians are human they should have no hierarchical control over anyone. Hackers are not patriots either, because patriots pledge their allegiance to one flag, but hackers pledge their allegiance to no flags, but rather humanity as a whole, or just to themselves. Humans need to care about the human species as a whole. We can never progress until we identify that we are all the same and therefore have no need to engage in war over selfish trivial nonsense.

    • muller


    • guach

      well said but let me add…hackers by your definition are outlaws, since outlaws, by semantics are outside the law,
      the laws politicians make are corrupted thus any free thinking human tries to be outside or since they enforce it on us, must be against them too.

  • ben

    such an interesting watch. One of the better Doc’s of seen on here. Very inspirational , considering the context , which until now i know nothing about.

  • MarkeeXX29

    This documentay incorrectly states that Pythagoras was the first person to propose that the earth was round.
    Pythagorus (570 BC to 495 BC)
    Isaiah (8th century BC) Isaiah 40:21 – “There is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth, the dwellers in which are as grasshoppers”
    Isaiah 40:21 – “There is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth, the dwellers in which are as grasshoppers”

    • brent

      The Bible isnt real mate

    • ben

      i really want to know what your point is? The word circle is a relation to life not the earth with in that text ….unless the world is also owed by grasshoppers

      • ben

        plus the religion you are (only by that post) defending , is the very same that murdered people for thinking like Pythagoras. why was that ?

  • muller

    @6c599cdc598269632209fe48d87d974b:disqus The earths an oblate spheroid. Pythagoras states the earth was round which is stated as correct, a circle is flat! IMHO god the bible, what a load of rubbish. I bet marry got really drunk and cheated on Joseph and couldn’t remember that the had slept with someone else. It’s all simple deceit and trickery!
    (Genesis 1:12) – He gave hemp for people to use with our free will.
    (Isaiah 18:4-5) – I will take my rest and I will consider in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs. For afore harvest, when the bud is perfect and the sour grape is ripening in the , he shall cut if the springs with pruning hooks and take away and cut the branches.
    These are just a few quotes out of many in the bible about hemp or cannabis, but still 99.9% of Christians despise cannabis and it’s illegal in most Christian country’s .