How large is the Universe?

Cosmologists discuss their project to create a map of everything in existence, and reveal that their research has yielded some highly unexpected results, creating a picture stranger than anything they had
imagined. Scientists also explain why the map suggests the universe may not be an all-encompassing entity – but merely the starting point for something much bigger.

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  • What could be better to imagine than an infinite number of universes that are all infinite in size – and still growing?!?

  • Paulo Rattes

    Paulo Rattes
    Minas Gerais

    • Nutz

      Why Brazilians so often must say they are Brazilians?

  • Babes

    Dark matter vs dark energy ..galactic observation …infinity !* fantastic program

  • JoeKnows

    Infinite…? Nah… just folded onto itself. They wont realize this until they develop a telescope powerful enough to look at the back of their own heads. And is it just me, or is does that guy sound like Allen Alda from M.A.S.H.?

  • bobthebboy

    i think there was an emperor who had a fine robe made of dark energy and dark matter ! basic hermetic understanding is as above so is below, the universe cant expand its infinite what we observe as evidence of the expansion of the universe is a result of it dividing,the division happens at the same rate of speed but as more galaxy’s divide into existence this phenomena can give the observer the idea everything is increasing in speed but what actual is happening the amount of parts that are dividing are increasing

  • opiated-nl

    is it possible to collide fotons?

  • Jatin Nagpal