How Narcissists Took Over the World

These days it would appear that narcissists or narcissistic tendencies are becoming more and more common place in society as we know it. A certain element of this has been attributed to the fact that many media outlets have diagnosed Donald Trump with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a disorder which has overtaken ‘psychopath’ and ‘bipolar’ in becoming the number one label to describe psychological failings in people.

This film is part of Vice’s Chosen Ones series which see’s reporter Gavin Haynes attempt to peel back the pop culture from our view of society in order to see what we are left with. Here we see Haynes visit a number of experts in the field of narcissism whilst taking several tests to uncover the truth behind his own narcissistic traits, all in an effort to better understand this new world of social disorders.

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  • NuggyPeep

    I love this site and this documentary was great,I clicked the last star and had no idea “half stars” were a thing, whoops. Anywho, I can’t edit it so I’ll just say this doc was very entertaining, I never used to feel sympathy for the narcissists, only the victims, but now I do.

  • John

    I enjoyed this documentary.
    Speaking of narcisstic people i found this documentary about Donald Trump, also really good:

  • Molly

    Wow. What a horrid piece of propaganda. Want to see a real investigative documentary?

    • Leslie Graham

      Your link is to a cheap tawdry right wing hit job.
      And now you are stuck with Trump as a ‘president’ for four years. Hope you enjoy getting royally fucked over by him and his oil biz and army cronies.

  • robert moss

    A short interesting article, but the sound track was overbearing and distracting … an increasing problem with new documentaries. I’m wondering why the psychiatrist made repeated reference of an encounter with a narcissist as being with a “He”. I’m sure narcissistic personality disorder is not limited to one gender.