I’m A Child Anorexic

Filmed over four months, I’m a Child Anorexic documents the highs and pitiful lows of their 12-week programme, featuring their own video diaries and conversations with each other.

It is a raw and shocking insight into the kids’ beliefs about food, dieting and fat; and the terrifying power of TV, magazines, celebrities, parents and peers in influencing and distorting their perceptions.

Watch these girls go from the dangerously emaciated and malnourished states they arrive in to a healthy weight and their departure.

But has their attitude to food changed? And can they maintain their weight back at home, with the constant pressures from society to stay slim?

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  • ratts

    I hate liver and onions.

  • Innocent Until WHAT?!

    PLS…PLS… don’t judge me for this comment but as I was giving the topic a lot of thought, though they might not be able to help it (and this goes for most things in life anyways)… “First world problems much?”

    • Whereismysilverlining

      I will judge you for it because it’s bad enough that you thought it, but I will judge you since you felt the need to post it as well. Frthermore, it is not a just a “First World Problem.” Would also like to take the opportunity to inform your ignorance that we no longer recognize a First, Second, and Third World System. Just the more politically correct terms, Developed and Developing..

      Next time, save your silly hash tag phrases for when you’re joking around with your mates, not regarding a Mental Disorder that takes young lives.

      • paul

        oh shut up..for fucks sake….stop your moaning and wining..his comments dont mean anything nor do yours..

    • ClaudeHooper

      Late response, but..

      If people who have the illness can’t help having the need to be skinny, then it’s not a “first world problem” is it? It’s a universal problem, just like any other illness. You wouldn’t say HIV was a “third world problem” would you? Or would you be ignorant enough to think that too?

  • paul

    43:34 fish and FUCKING chips…ha ha ha…BRILLIANT

  • fap

    fap fap fap!

  • olmamoderntimesnlife

    Great documentary. Very well thought out, video, audio, cuts ect. 140% effort from smart and dedicated minds. I love it!

  • gaboora

    You do not ‘get’ anorexia, like the counsellor says. You ‘choose’ it. There is no virus here. This is no ‘disease.’ Listen, one girl wants to ‘control.’ Another seeks to be ‘noticed.’ This is a family problem. The family unit is out of control in some way. And so the girl seeks to control and to be noticed. These magazines the ‘patients’ are allowed to have are part of the problem, for the sick culture in those magazines has been taken by these girls as a substitute for the messed up family. You need counsellors who are informed enough not to pass over these underlying factors.

  • tlv930

    Why do they have them eat food that isn’t good for them like sweets?

  • kate

    some of the comments on this are disgusting. Saying you choose anorexia is like saying you choose depression, because you aren’t choosing to be happy. It’s a ridiculous viewpoint. Try *choosing* to live on fewer than 100 calories a day for a week and see how easy it is to *choose*. It isn’t something you can do without serious mental imbalance. Get yourself educated before pretending you know about something you clearly are just judging.

    • syh22

      yes its not a desirable thing

  • syh22

    anorexia isnt desirable nobody wants it

  • syh22

    its about getting over the fears after all, anorexia is a MENTAL illness so thats probably why theyre giving them ‘unhealthy’ foods

  • syh22

    by ‘choosing’ anorexia means ‘choosing’ a solution which turns to a mental illness after all, nobody will choose anorexia its only a demon that destroys your health and mind and everyone around you that cares for you and loves you

  • syh22

    then they can just get over their fears and ‘choose’ to recover and eat normally again without feeling guilty or bad

  • syh22

    its not ‘unhealthy’ foods theyre giving them; they are learning to let go of anorexia and choose recovery and get rid of their fear of food, calorie contents, carbs, and fat contents. they ARE very scared of this and please dont say anything if you dont understand much about this topic. it is a very serious topic and not something to joke about.