INJECTION: The Truth about HIV in Africa

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Africa has one of the highest prevalence of HIV infected people. More than 20% of the nation’s adult are infected with HIV, this makes up an astonishing 22 million people. The condition is so bad that the African authorities have even set up states that are isolated for HIV infected people to reside in.

And so you thought HIV in Africa is predominantly caused by unprotected sex. Well, that’s what people tells us. But the truth is, Africa is a economic poor country, there are other stuff to worry about other than using condoms. Other than having unprotected sex, HIV is also well known to spread through one other mean.

Used Syringe. Due to their state of economy and poor health care practices. Syringes are often reused in Africa, often up to 20 times. But that’s not all, these syringes that are reused are actually used syringes that came from foreign, richer countries.

Something has gotta stop this cycle of spreading the virus before this whole nation is being conquered with HIV.

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