Insanely Dangerous

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In January 2004, Niels hijacked a train while police and a TV crew was on the spot. Though they quickly found out that this was not just a story about a hijacking. It was, instead, the story of a psychotic man not getting proper care and the ways that his madness had taken over.

During the last 20 years in Denmark (from documentary age), the number of mentally ill people committing crimes has quadrupled. Often psychiatrists and families have to remain passive while a mentally ill person becomes more and more dangerous.

Insanely Dangerous offers a unique opportunity to understand the mind of one such person. Niels, the hijacker, has made his own video diaries while seriously psychotic, and this material allows the audience into the very strange and scary universe of a disturbed mind. Niels describes himself as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: when medicated he is a sympathetic, bright and creative young man; when not, he becomes insanely dangerous.

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