Inside the Court of Henry VIII

This is the story of a royal court that changed the world, above it all Henry VIII, the tyrant king. Paranoid and obsessed with treason, a religious fanatic who rebels against his church. To prosper in his shadow takes guile and audacity, but no one every really seemed safe.

In 1509 Henry VIII came to the throne, a vigorous young man, with new ideas, he inspired the nation with a new hope. His court became the centre of power and pageantry in England but in this feudal age society was rigidly structured and class was everything, individuals were born to greatness, it was never earned. The court is dominated by the nobel, landowning aristocracy. As men of blue blood they felt they had the right to advise the king on policy but Henry VIII has different ideas. Alongside his ego there was a dangerous insecurity and in this dramatised documentary we get a look into this darker side.

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  • TruthHurts2013

    Richard II was the first king to insist on being called ‘Majesty’ and ‘Your Highness’ …. not Henry VIII (who was second son of the evil tyrant usurper Henry VII who himself had no claim to the crown whatsoever).

  • Nokomarie3

    This is a very interesting take on Henry the XIII but the costumes are simply terrible.