Israel: The Enemy Within?

Israel has always felt under siege, but its internal problems could be more damaging than any external threat. The rift is between the secular and the ultra-Orthodox, who believe any compromise with Arabs is unacceptable. Zealous immigrants are boosting the extreme right and militant settlers are pushing further into Palestinian territory. Last summer, a new social movement was born demanding an end to corruption, lower inflation and cuts to public services. Almost half a million Israelis took to the streets to protest. It was the biggest wave of demonstrations in the country’s history. Meanwhile, the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the apartheid system inflicted on Palestinians living in Israel continues. Israel proclaims itself to be a secular, democratic and Jewish state – but can it credibly live up to such claims?

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  • unimpressed

    An Aljazeera spokesman giving an ‘unbiased’ opinion? What a crock of shit. 0/10

  • towelhead

    Al-Jazeera is also known as jihad TV.

    • well if open discussion feels like jihad to you , your right , but to me their documentary’s are pretty informative

      • just look at your name , doesn’t that say enough ?

    • tron702

      People are usually uneducated when they make remarks like this, for example republicans, they dumb down their own and try to do the rest of the country the same way, so that they don’t have listen with an educated ear, and they defend their arguments with a statement they pulled out their ass, instead of facts. If this moron had an attention span of at lease a gnat, he would see and take the time to see, that Al-Jazeera doesn’t play sides, and all of their documentary I’ve see are unbiased, even Hillary Clinton said Al Jazeera Is probably the source to get you information from, in the United States, because everyone knows, our media sources in the great USA is 100% corrupt, biased, lies, racist and horrible. I know this persons response, will be the most racist, hateful and disrespectful thing their gnat brain can come up with. This Country is stupid and if they vote someone like Romney in, then its over and out for everyone, if you don’t have the sense to just step back and observe and listen to what they are saying, then the only reason you are voting for Romney is because you’re a racist and scared to admit it, unless you are making over a million of income coming in, they will lie to you and steel your vote..You stupid people out there, you don’t need religion to let you know when you’re doing right or wrong, that feeling is instilled inside of us from day one. No dogma can tell me what’s right or whats wrong. Just use your brain and common sense, stop having a self pity party for yourself and educate yourself..

      • Kajbab Tinfret

        Hillary Clinton is a foolish lying corrupt “neo-liberal” piece of shit. Why would you take anything she says seriously? Do you really think that Al Jazeera is unbiased?? They’re backed by one of the wealthiest Muslim emirates in the world you tool. All of American news outlets are 100% lies?? It sounds like you hate America, so fuck off and leave our country ( God forbid your actually living here.) Go to those great Arab countries where everyone is treated so well, you know why don’t you go talk to those friendly Arabs in “Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant” I want you to test how accepting they are, tell them your Shiite, see what happens you dumbfuck.

  • Maire

    Not sure about the description here – usually it’s the ultra-orthodox who are anti-Zionist/pro-Palestine (Neturei Karta, Satmar, etc), usually on account of religious objections to nationalism or the state of Israel. Maybe this documentary is exploring an exception to the rule, though.

  • August 27, 2012: Islamic terrorists in Gaza fired three mortar shells into Israel.

    August 26, 2012: Islamic terrorists in Gaza fired several
    rockets into Israel, damaging several factory buildings and wounding a
    civilian. One rocket exploded as it was being launched, killing the
    Palestinian who had set it up.

  • truth

    apartheid system??!! what a crock of shite. maybe someone should ask jordan why it wont take its people back.

  • earthling

    What do you do when two kids are fighting over a piece of candy? Take it away from both of them and put them in time-out. That’s exactly what the people of Israel need. How can you strive to only have one kind of person in your country? That’s sad.

    Actually in Canada the European settlers slaughtered and institutionalized our aboriginals, forcing their culture and way of life down their throats and pretty much destroying their culture and our country in the process. I truly wish they would have had the strength to fight against the terrible forces of artillery. They had a good reason to preserve their culture and power over the land. NAtive American people lived with the land and protected it, and it thrived because of it. We need to prioritize the earth like they did, not some fake god.

    Israeli conflict is just bullshit and unworthy of being fought over. Arabic VS Jewish people, way too many people give a shit. Neither of your religions support the environment and the earth. Neither allow people to live freely without oppression (especially to women). Neither are worth fighting for.

    I wish we prioritized the earth and our environment instead of humanity. These violent conflicts are destroying the natural resources in the area (not to mention countless lives whom are all completely equal). No Jewish person is above any Arabic person and vice versa. Honestly people, there is no god. The earth does not BELONG to us. Stop wasting your lives and time. Pick up the pieces of your shameful “country”, pull yourselves together and prepare for the future.

    • Mark

      You are an idiot. I dont even know where to start with the crap you’ve written here

  • dr monkey

    I think this vid shows the problem loud and clear. Israelis are arguing with each other on how to push society forward. Hanin the Pali is doing nothing but excoriating everyone and bemoaning her plight as a victim, whilst demanding that everyone there give her something for her so called troubles sitting comfortably in a first world cafe. More that that every thing out of her mouth is an attempt to disrupt any conversation on the part of Israelis, and a lot of it is actually neutral or even sympathetic towards Palis. In other words despite anything anyone from any side of Israeli politics has to say, Hanin will try to stop them from saying it even if it is pro Pali. What she says she wants is a one state solution which effectively ends Israel, or a two state solution based in which unbending non compromise is a condition to compromise. In short the Israelis are moving forward, even willing to include Palis in this state or their own, and the Pali is just attacking everyone with vitriol, shutting down any dialogue, making demand which would kill Israel, and are never going to be met.

  • astro boi

    I am a Jew – however I believe in a 2 state solution to the palestian issue .
    To say the Palestians are being treated as anything but second class citizens is ludicrous and ill imformed .

    • John Smith

      You are an ignorant racist fuck and deserve to die.

      How can you justify that response, simply look at the settlements and militant paternalism over the true original occupants of the land.

      • Kajbab Tinfret

        Thanks for showing your vile racist cowardice “John Smith” give me a fucking break you Islamonazi, go fuck yourself! Please

        • Hamza

          Islamonazi? You’re a walking double standard. Mainstream opinion in these days is usually an uniformed and biased one. If you had a heart for human life you’d be the first to stand against the atrocities happening to the Palestinian people. And I dare you to examine your justifications for your opinions to uproot your hate and racism from your reality. They can’t live together because they obviously don’t want to live together. And John Smith, hate only breeds more hate. Focus on an equally fair solution for the two peoples, not annihilation.

      • Michael Kenny

        I think telling someone they deserve to die for stating a mainstream opinion is slightly OTT ?? — if anything separating the 2 peoples into different states is a bit racist ? Why can’t they live together ?