It Runs On Water

This is the story of the technology that would give the world free energy, the technology exists but free energy is not lucrative so the technology will be kept secret.

It Runs On Water gives viewers a clear message that Free Energy is on the way. Arthur C. Clarke explains how there were four stages in the way scientists react to the development of anything of a revolutionary nature. “Free Energy” was now working its way through these four stages of reaction, which were:

1. It’s nonsense,
2. It is not important,
3. I always said it was a good idea, and
4. I thought of it first.

The film then moved to Rome, Georgia where Jim Griggs of Hydrodynamics, Inc. demonstrated the assembly and operation of a hydrosonic water pump which operated over-unity by producing hot water or steam with energy in excess of the electrical energy input to the pump motor.

Over-Unity was confirmed by satisfied customers, including the Albany Fire Station, where engineers from the local university and the local power company had been called in to verify the over 100% efficiency.

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  • Dabe

    Absolute rubbish

  • Sirherpington

    Bullshit, I believe thermodynamics.

    • DueProcess

      How does an efficient way of separating hydrogen out of water violate the laws of thermodynamics exactly?

  • Mental

    its not over 100% effecient but it does serve a purpose. Cheers Jim Griggs Well done!

  • Derp

    thx allot for your contribution to the world, by saying its rubbish or bullshit. Could be something. Maybe disprove it by building it and uploading your conclusions on physics, because you are all knowing on the subject, maybe because your a god and hold all the the knowledge in the universe. Maybe upload that on youtube?? otherwise, thank you very very very much for your contribution to this world by saying rubbish or bullshit.

  • Herp

    “Meyer’s claims about his “Water Fuel Cell” and the car that it powered were found to be fraudulent by an Ohio court in 1996″'s_water_fuel_cell