The Killer Storm

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In early November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, killing thousands. This documentary takes us to Tanauan, a town in the Philippines that was hit by the typhoon. We talk with some survivors to get insight into the disaster and its after effects. The typhoon itself may be the strongest one ever recorded in terms of wind speed; It hit land at the speed of a japanese bullet train. Typhoon Haiyan is classified as a category 5 typhoon and was so huge it stretched 600 kilometers across.With hardly any warning, it tore through the Philippines and other parts of southeast Asia leaving death and devastation in it’s wake.

The people who have survived are now left without a home and many are missing family members and friends. Graves have sprung up filling the areas beside churches and schools. These mass graveyards are the only way the people can deal with the enormous amount of bodies. Typhoon Haiyan left the people struggling to survive in what looks like a garbage dump. This documentary brings us to the scene and gives insight into the disaster that has gone largely unreported.

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