Living With Size Zero

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The celebrity trend for size zero has been criticised worldwide for encouraging women to starve in secret.

This film explores the impact the trend is having on real people living real lives.

From Kellie who is striving dangerously to achieve the skinny look, to Victoria who feels that her natural size zero frame is a poisoned chalice, this film exposes the contradictions surrounding women’s perceptions of size.

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  • Julia

    I like how well-rounded this documentary is, and how the 3 different pieces all comment on each other and complement one another very nicely. Martin and Caroline’s cruel ignorance is put to the test with the very sick Kelly, who is a lovely girl and her story is so sad and grisly. Hugo is a great boyfriend/fiance but hopefully he realized that one never really “gets over” an ED, that it’s a lifelong struggle. I feel bad for Victoria…modeling is a shitty business for women. It’s never good enough.

  • gvfdfgrd

    sorry ladies,but being a fat women is far worse, even when you eat healthy and exercise,if you’re less than super slim,the way people treat you is APPALLING.i have been spat on,pushed over, ignored in stores, given substandard service etc my whole life,just because i am not thin. so no matter how ‘insecure’ you may feel about your naturally skinny frame,at least the world doesnt treat you with contempt.

  • Guest

    i like a natural size zero and a girl with a fat ass. you cant have your cake and eat it too. did i mention i want any girl without a stupid british accent.

  • Jon Pendleton

    if martin lived in america, he would be low, low, low on the dime a dozen gym trainer. brits need a real new diet.

  • Lol

    Martin looks inbred.

  • Ehh

    Why are you self-proclaimed “size 0′s” bitching about bullying? Unless you lived through the 50s and 60s when having pudge was the social norm of attractiveness as opposed to ribs and collarbones, you really are NOT being bullied. So someone called you ugly because you’re really skinny and tall when you were 13? Big deal, kids have no concept of the meaning of human aesthetics. You KNOW nobody calls you names for your skinny frame after puberty because any girl will secretly want to have your body. Even that skinny model wannabe said it, last she was bullied over her bony frame was before she hit 16. Most boys find girls “icky” before a certain point in their teenage life. I don’t consider myself skinny or fat but am in a healthy and happy athletic medium, but let’s put the tissues down and wipe the runny mascara now – if you truly believe that skinny people endure the same level of bullying as fat people, you’re in huge denial. How many people do you personally know in your school who committed suicide because they were skinny? How many skinny people endure constant over their looks? How many skinny women get refused sex by their boyfriends because “they’re too skinny”? Truth is, our society puts skinny people on a pedestal. Almost any guy will answer the “If your girlfriend could magically drop 10 pounds with no downsides, would you want that to happen?” question would answer “Yes”. If an employer was presented with two versions of you at an interview, one a size 8 and another a size 16 with exact same personality and skills, he or she will choose the size 8 version. Also, nobody is saying that being a natural size 0 is unattractive – it’s the extremes certain addictive personality people go to to achieve the size 0 look that is unattractive. The pills, the purging, the binges, diarrhoea, rotten teeth, the sneakiness, the lies, etc.

    • D.S.

      I would beg to differ that you sound to bias your opinion towards the heavier side of this subject. You can’t choose your body frame, but you personally determine your BMI.

  • Jet

    can’t even watch this guy is a d!ck

  • Stevie Bee

    Women are sexy in all sizes, all shapes, all colours and they are all welcome at Friends with Benefits UK.