Long Shot: Inside the Scope of Smart Weapons

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  • Very nice

    That is so great that in a few years anyone could be an expert sniper without any training, I wonder how long it will take for the nutjobs to start sniping random people from a mile away in the US, or when the US invades some other country, I wonder how many US soldiers will die by these guns. HOORAH americans and their guns, the land of the dumb and the home of the fat asses with a gun in every home (AND criminals hands).

  • John Defalque

    Canadians should have 2nd amendment rights and freedoms too-why not make both countries one? This is the opinion of a tree hugging, liberal, pinko, commie atheist.

    • bringmeredwine

      The US government has just failed to pass its yearly Federal budget. 800,000 nonessential government workers were sent home today, and cannot be paid.
      Republicans refuse to endorse universal healthcare.
      Canada has enough problems!

  • C Leach

    This could revolutionize hunting, just strap one of these onto a quad with some sort of gripper on the bottom to hold onto tree branches. Quad-copter battle to the death, sniper edition lol.