Louis Theroux: Most Hated Family in America

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The Most Hated Family in America is a TV documentary written and presented by the BBC’s Louis Theroux about the family at the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church.

At the heart of the documentary is the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), headed by Fred Phelps and based in Topeka, Kansas. It runs the website GodHatesFags.com,[1] and GodHatesAmerica.com, and other websites expressing condemnation of LGBT, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, and other groups. The organization is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League,[2] and classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[3][4] The group has achieved national notice because of its picketing of funeral processions of U.S. soldiers killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The church bases its work around the belief expressed by its best known slogan and the address of its primary website, “God hates fags”, and expresses the opinion, based on its Biblical interpretation, that nearly every tragedy in the world is God’s punishment for homosexuality – specifically society’s increasing tolerance and acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. It maintains that God hates homosexuals above all other kinds of “sinners”[5] and that homosexuality should be a capital crime.[6]

Louis Theroux stated that the Phelpses are the most extreme people he has ever met.[7]

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  • Marley

    If those girls went to my school I would stab them.

  • anon

    This family is disgusting. How dare they inflict their twisted decision on others, and at funerals! God I hope one day they learn of the consequences of what they have done. 

  • GonzoLover

    Shirley Phelps’ face is going to be SOOO RED when she dies and nothing
    happens…. or if I’m wrong and there is a god, it’s going to be red from his
    almighty backhand.

    I have a
    lot more to say on this matter, but the wasted breath or risk of RSI is not
    worth it. Plus, my thesaurus is just not coming up with adequate words to
    describe how I feel about these people.

    Marry me
    Louis xxx

    Shirley Phelps’ face is going to be SOOO RED when she dies and nothing
    happens…. or if I’m wrong and there is a god, it’s going to be red from his
    almighty backhand.

    I have a
    lot more to say on this matter, but the wasted breath or risk of RSI is not
    worth it. Plus, my thesaurus is just not coming up with adequate words to
    describe how I feel about these people.

    Marry me
    Louis xxx

  • GonzoLover

    sorry everyone, I didnt mean to post that twice… now my face is red.

  • Csa

    “protecting your right to free speech.” Im sorry but these soldiers may be doing everything else BUT protecting your freedom of speech on the other side of the world. If that’s what you think they are doing, then you sir are a retard.

  • Mick

    These are sick and degenerate people ……..to expose children to this sort of nonsense is crimminal ……when Americas founding fathers said freedom of religion ,I doubt if they had this sort of thing in mind…..unfortunately there is a world full of this sort who are so messed up on religion they cannot be dealt with in a reasonable ,rational way ……..truly madness

  • Kelsey-meehan-3

    I feel as though they don’t understand how they are fighting against everything that they stand for. They believe that god is not judgemental and that he alone holds the power, yet they are judging everyone they are encountering and they are trying to power over anyone who does not believe as they do

  • JL

    I had to turn this off, these idiots are disgusting and have completely no fucking idea what they are talking about. Made me cry when the little kids were talking about all this. Shameful that people are like this

  • Sar

    This… honestly made me cry. This is so sick…

  • Misha Metting

    I agree with Joe and Vicki, the fear mongering is out of control. They did the time required of society now leave them alone. Truth be told nearly every male in this country would be a sex offender by todays standard. Urinating in public, making out with your girl or boy friend, get a life. The lowest repeat rate of any crime except murder. People are idiots and fear what ever the government tells them to fear. Get real.

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  • Gina

    I believe in god but I’m all for equal marriage rights. Its so sad because the girls seem like they are lovely apart from that one opinion that keeps them from living a regular life and having friends.

  • Mike

    Although i don’t agree with them, i respect their idea.

  • Tori

    I disagree completely with the war in the middle east, but that doesn’t mean that soldiers who die there deserve such horrific disrespect. These people are sick. They preach nothing but hate, they destroy the innocent lives of their children. I don’t believe in god, but have respect for those who do. Except these people. It’s wrong, that people should be allowed to treat their fellow human beings in such a disgusting manner. Fine, have your free speech, but don’t treat other human beings like filth. It’s the worst kind of hatred. I have never met these people and I never want to, but I hate every one of them for their sheer disrespect for every other human being on the planet.

    Rant over..

  • Patrick

    I can’t believe they actually practice the same religion as Marthin Luther King… How come someone can externalize so much love, yet they go around preaching intolerance and wrath with every single breath. I usually respect other people’s believes, but they give me no reason to respect theirs.

  • Daniel NP

    Well, everyone mentions how pretty the girls are (?) Wake Up! Being unattractive does Not mean you have the monopoly on Evil and Bad.

    I would like to know how the kids ever got through school without opening their mouths about how evil and disguting their classmates and teachers are – btw, the kids even had extra curricular activities (sports and music) so they extended the amount of contact with these Infidels that surround them …

  • Minna Munch-Jensen

    she’s seriously abusing the word hon

  • Glen

    Louis Theroux is GREAT! I don’t know how he put up with these people, there is something wrong with their way of thinking. I believe in the freedom of religion but this is NOT a religion, it’s a cult. They hate everyone who doesn’t believe in the things they do. If they ever disrespected a fallen military members funeral of mine I’d hate to say what I would do, it wouldn’t be nice. Keep up your good work Louis!

  • Derek Shields

    These people are a waste of space, like almost all fundamentalists of any religious or political group. They should not be supported by any right thinking person. Remember Kant’s Categorical Imperative “Do nothing that you would not wish to be a universal law”. (Thinking is also doing.)

  • Kateryna

    God this is disgusting, I mean i`m sort of on the way to understand homosexuality but this is considering it`s one family picketing against homosexuality and those kids don`t truly understand what it implies. I bet because they are under their parents and never seen life independently can`t really confirm all these values and all these beliefs that their church and family is fighting for. Gosh for god sakes you are closed minded people and also you look like brainwashed kids and the crazy parents of some sect! Seriously?!

  • kenneth

    brain wash a frew sick people drilling this crap in there head since they were born . who they think they are telling people what to do . if i asked them that question. they will just give me the same question back. poor kids cant think for themselves . feel sorry for them kids they should have friends play spin the bottle have fun .the one megan whats to be a lawyer they lie for a liven .god wont like that she going to hell

  • Aoife

    Thank god for 9/11? thats sick!!

  • Joel

    Hope one of her kids is gay.

  • al

    God will judge you for not being you!

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  • Lani

    I thought i’d end up hating them.. I don’t. I just feel sorry for the lot of them. So deluded and in a weird bubble of false hope. Painful to hear their almost scratched vinyl speil on going to hell rant yet tragic enough to watch like a train wreck.. That Phelps man is an arrogant self important hateful old man, most likely was a frustrated closet gay man who never really accepted his sexuality?

    As always Louis is always fun and easy to watch.

  • maura flores

    its sad how the little kids are brainwashed this people will regret what there doing there is something seriously wrong with them they don’t decide who goes to hell god and god will get them for acting like they can i hope they arrest them and help the kids there look like such a weird cult

  • Meghna

    One big question I would like to ask this ‘cult’: I am going by Wikipedia here (Since I am not a Christian), but wasn’t one of Jesus’s own treasured disciples was a prostitute called Mary Magdalene? Didn’t he clean her of the demons? If there was a redemption for her, why not for us who are apparently ‘sinning’ because we believe in Homosexuality and sexual relationships. And, isn’t cursing others a moral “don’t” as well?

    Now, my views: It is not necessary that all relationships before marriage are adultery. Even amongst the Hindu, the religion I belong to, adultery is a big no-no. But I don’t think homosexuality or pre-marriage sex comes in that category. Love is love, no matter where it exists. If you are cheating on someone, that means you are willingly And the basic foundation of any religion is love and kindness, something which these people fail to spread.

    Third: Disrespecting anyone’s views is seriously sick. It is not just these people, I also say the same for the assholes who show the fingers or heck, try to run down the children involved. What people think, they think. What they believe in, its their belief. Every person’s idea of what heaven and hell is different, and we are not the ones to decide where we, or anyone else for that matter, goes.

    Babble done!

  • Jimmy

    ok, i have seen crazy folks before, but they can easily hit the top….
    is this what human is about? falling FOR THIS???
    what i can not understand, is how it is possible in the first place a grown person, a full adult, to worship this???
    and concerning the kids, the state should involve and take them away.
    i do not feel christian(though i am baptised) but i have read like many individuals the Bible, the little red riding hood, the 3 little pigs and mother goose…
    one thing to like one thing, another to kill for it.these folks said they do no violence; FOR NOW! in ten years?
    sometimes, eugenics doesn’t seem so bad… occationaly…

  • JRThompson

    People like this should be burnt on the cross!!

  • Name

    This documentary sickened me, but not because of the Phelps, but because the documentary writer was just as oblivious as the phelps were of his level of brainwashing and the cult status of his upbringing. He was following and unquestioning to the values he was raised on in the same manner as they were, neither of them were sensibly trying to seek the truth in eachother, yet trying to determine or show how their views are above or more righteous than the other’s…. and the thousands of people who watch this video will get nothing from it, because they’re the exact same. As both the phelps and the doc guy.

  • Jay

    That woman is completely f***ing nuts. Another bible thumper in the extreme.

  • Joe

    You know I really think that some of them seem to be really nice! The fact is, they are completely brainwashed. They only spout back what has been forced into their heads as children. I really enjoyed the part where the girl who is in college started talking about “Robert”. The boy that she “didnt remember”. That girl will never forget if some guy wanted to take her on a date. After all those years of resistance by society, there is a guy who wants to give you attention. lol she will never forget. Another point, a lot of their beliefs can be construed that way. The bible does preach a lot of these do not’s and as a result this hatred for those arise depending on who is interpreting.

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  • Yeah

    I am thankful that the younger generation of the group is so enthralled that they have chosen not to get married-have children. Hopefully their numbers start to dwindle and disperse.

  • apple

    she somehow remainds me of Chelsea Handler !!! lol

  • off em

    hell, presidents can get assisinated, aryons can form multi-million dollar crime rings within prisons…why hasnt some one offed these morons yet? wow

  • http://giftofocpd.wordpress.com Daniel

    This has more to do with fear and psychology than religion. When children grow up only feeling accepted by their parents when they follow “rules” perfectly, all others who do not follow perfectly are equally deserving of the hate and judgment that they received from their overly-strict parents. Inside each of those poor people they have so much brokenness and fear. fear that causes all-or-nothing thinking (like how the mother thinks holding hands will most definitely lead to fornication). But they can’t see that they are reacting out of human brokenness and fear. Instead they claim they are just doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  • Abby

    I think we should stop giving these disgusting people attention. They are sociopaths, and they feed off of other people’s anger and disgust. If we stop giving them attention, then we are deciding to stop playing their sick game.

  • shooters go here

    Hey kids when you are thinking about shooting up your school and doing something horrible. Why not try and go out as a hero to many, bash down their door and clean house!



  • Rosie

    after watching this i feel like i’m about to transform in to the hulk. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE

  • joanna

    better i had up tp http://www.androidfreeapp.net and get some distraction there

  • http://realdoll.com Astro Wolf

    Yo, for real, anyone else get the feeling that the pastor was the father of some of these kids?

    These people are totally insane, they seem happy though, which makes them even more insane to me.

    They are programmed robots by this family, and I can’t imagine this does not qualify as a cult or child abuse.

  • http://realdoll.com Astro Wolf

    Yo, for real, anyone else get the feeling that the pastor was the father of some of these kids?

    These people are totally insane, they seem happy though, which makes them even more insane to me.

    They are programmed robots by this family, and I can’t imagine this does not qualify as a cult or child abuse.

    Anyone else think they set the fire?

  • Asshole

    I’ve watched both documentaries on this family/church trying to figure them out, and I think I have an idea now. As annoying and obnoxious and completely wrong as they are, they see what they are doing as an “Act of Compassion” in the same sense that the Anti-Smoking campaigns are forcing people to look at pictures and videos of people dead and dying from possible smoking related diseases. The ideology is different, but the manipulative methodology and message is the same, “Keep living the way you do and this will happen to you”.
    When is it OK to make people feel ashamed and fearful for choosing to live the way they do? If the excuse is Self Destructive Behavior, then that is also exactly what Phelps believes the rest of the world is doing in their judgement.
    As hard as I try, I can’t see how to find fault with one, yet condone the other without smelling the stench of hypocrisy whether the rest of the world agrees with me or not.
    As much as I dislike and disagree with the Phelps, their philosophy, and their methods, they have forced me to re-think some of my own judgements.

  • rachel

    banjo red necks, 11 kids!

    Picket someones funerals i wouldnt get fed up with giving those idiots a damn good kicking

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  • Dirty Joe

    Those chicks are pretty hot, i’d hit it

  • Seán

    This was a very interesting documentary, though it could have been better in terms of content. Of course I would much prefer if such organisations didn’t exist but then we wouldn’t have a documentary. I think a more aggressive questioning style would have been good to use. There were several cases in point I was begging Louis to make in his rebuttals. Still, I understand that he couldn’t try and rattle the cage too much or he would have been thrown off the premisses very quickly (as I certainly would be if I got the chance)