Louis Theroux: Weird Weekends Black Nationalism

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Louis encounters many awkward moments interviewing black supremacy groups and discovering their extremity.

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  • Fortbx

    You don’t have to be from Africa to know the Israelites are a joke. ¬†Every race or large groups of people has extremist groups.¬†

  • Ct

    It was nice to get to know Al Sharpton a bit — I dig it.

    Erroneous academia aside on the part of at least one the black nationalist groups, it should be acknowledged that people are suffering and they are just doing what they feel they need to do to end it for themselves and those coming after them (whether or not it will work/be productive, is another question). Anyway, their predicament deserves our sensitivity. This shows how far people have been pushed. I thought I would watch this doc and be frustrated by the separatist- and racist sentiments of the movement, but it actually made me more sympathetic and concerned about black (and other) inequities.

    I hope no one takes the message of black nationalism personally — the black experience has really been ridiculous and it would be a great world if everyone would be enthusiastic about turning it around. But, I don’t think everyone really gives a damn, to be honest.

  • :)

    racism occurs from both white and black people and it is wrong, what has happend in the past has happened these are diffrent times where everyone is equal, them holding a grudge is not helping their cause at all it is only infact creating more hatred and making their situation worse. i would also like to point out that people call each out that name calling is not a isolated situation too black people but to everyone and name is a name it cant hurt you!!

    • John

      Its not equal though. If you have 2 people with the same qualifications and experience and the only thing different between them is that one is black and one is white, then you better believe the white person will get hired (unless there is some kind of affirmative action or quota that the company needs to need).

      That’s just one example, but blacks are not treated as equal.

      For example in a black middle class neighbourhood how many whites will you find? Not many. Or if you have a middle class white neighborhood and over the course of 2 years 5-8 families move there, I bet you it won’t be long before all of the “non racist, we are all equal” whites move to another neighborhood.

  • B.M.

    R.I.P. Dr. Khallid Muhammad, a man who dedicated his life to the struggle for equality amongst African Americans. The white man feared and hated him because he didn’t fear shit. He also died under questionable circumstances.

  • Dre

    I just love how awkward Louis Theroux is :)

  • Stevo

    Based on the logic of some of these people Martin Luther King was white pure as the driven snow, as white as was the Jacksons. You can say what you want, but stating somthing patently wrong makes you a stupid idiot!
    It seems really stupid people are to stupid to know how stupid they are.

  • a minister named scott

    I looked at this area to see how the doc was liked or not… based on the typical issues that make any production good, bad or ugly… instead I get ranting based on differing perspectives on racism, and generally with no clear connection to the doc as a whole unto itself. Makes my spleen ache to see all this insane verbiage. More to see how much is wasted on human life. God must be either what? Crying, laughing, screaming, etc? It is shameful to see many of these comments and that these are done in complete ignorance of each other…

    How about using this area for issues like the movie was good, bad, loud etc? If you want to rant about race issues then get yourself a blog.

  • phillip

    It’s clear Al Sharpton didn’t want to hear Louis’ excuses. The man’s death obviously didn’t really mean a thing to Louis, he trivialized it, and that’s part of the reason why he wasn’t being excepted by Sharpton’s group, it’s why the gay guy that made him a gin and tonic told him he wouldn’t need his toothbrush.

    As for the more extreme of the interviewees, I don’t agree with them for the most part, but I clearly see where the anger comes from. So many people want to say slavery ended so long a go, but the thing no one thinks about is how for so many decades after the ending of slavery here in America Blacks were still treated as 3rd or 4th class citizens, that’s when they were treated as citizens at all. We have people who are still alive who remember not being able to drink from certain water fountains, not being able to enter certain buildings because they were Black. People who they themselves or people they directly knew people who were killed, raped, racially harassed and had no legal recourse because they were Black.

  • Adam

    If you cant watch this because of the Veehd plugin, don’t install it, your just get a tonne of freeware and the video still wont play.