Mega Man

Kim Dotcom claims he wants to protect internet privacy. The United States claims he’s the internet’s biggest pirate. This film meets the man, as the future of the internet and $500m in copyright claims hang in the balance.

This film captures the special forces raid on Kim Dotcom’s house last year. His lawyer called it: “A political contract hit…” So why are the US and now the New Zealand government so desperate to get the self-styled Dotcom?

The flamboyant 39 year-old tycoon says he just makes a good scapegoat. The US wants him extradited on copyright, money laundering and racketeering charges over his now defunct file-sharing website, Megaupload. Before being shut down, it’s alleged the site netted US$175 million and cost copyright owners US$500 million. But now Kim’s launching a new one, Mega.

But US authorities believe that it will be another site hosting copyright theft. Kim claims it will change the internet, by protecting online privacy

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  • Fiala

    Was this supposed to be a documentary? It was nothing more than a 17-minute infomercial about Kim Dotcom….complete with commercials.

  • Erik Oeser

    he is a lowlife snitch, just askm those at ninja video how he worked with the feds from the u.s. and ratted them out., Then he went to paypal and told them that 6 sites he knew of were allowing copyright protected material to be uploaded. he told paypal to freeze their accounts and guess what paypal froze the accounts of magas top competitors. scumbag, snitch deserves prison