Michaella, Peru and the Drugs Run

Last June a young Tyrone women left Ireland looking for adventure. Twenty year old Michaella Mccollum had never been on a plane before she flew out to Ibiza, she was a promotions girl who told her family she was going to work as a dancer but after 5 weeks on the party island she disappeared. Michaella turned up 6000 miles away alongside a young Scottish women her family had never heard of before, both had been accused of being drug mules. Michaella now faces serving 6 years in jail and has become the poster girl for everything associated with 21st century drugs culture. This is her story.

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  • pwndecaf

    Not very newsworthy. So what, I guess…

  • cele

    Really good watch. I enjoyed it but i felt like the docu was trying to make you feel sorry for that idiot

    • fadumpt

      No, it came off more as a Public Service Announcement to people in Europe.
      “This is what will happen to you!” sorta stuff.

  • Shanel

    This was annoying. Although my heart goes out to the families, I don’t think this should have been turned into anything more than a news brief. Two young women threw a good portion of their lives away for the promise of money. How stupid do you have to be to think you can get on a plane with an est. $1.5 million dollars in Cocaine? This girls parents paid her 300,000 euro fine? That’s $400, 000. Jesus, what a burden she is.

    • bob

      i thought it was 3,500 fine

  • CaptainShamrock

    Her sister doesn’t seem to realise how serious and bad the crime is. Yes support her but at least with a bit of understanding of what an arsehole her sister is. Trying to put on a brave show for her sis but coming across as an ignorant dick.

  • Letem Dangle

    She should have left the drug running to the CIA.

  • peruvians lover

    I hate this place & people already… yeah lima is shit…. next thing they know, they’ll be spending the best years of their lives in that same place they belittled… Poetic justice .

  • CrazyDutchwoman

    “mummy I was kidnapped’ yeah even lying to your loved ones. nah.