Mystery Of The Left Hand

Mystery of the Left Hand explores the characteristics of left-handed people. But don’t be surprised if you can’t remember deciding whether to be left or right handed. Hand preference is thought to begin in your mother’s womb and stay with you for life.

And what comes naturally to us is important information for scientists. Handedness may be a clue into human behaviour and how our bodies work.

Our brains are contra lateral, meaning that the left hemisphere controls the movement of the right side of the human body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the human body. A left-handed person will therefore be right brain dominant while a right-handed person will be left brain dominant.

Studies have suggested that a ‘lefty’ may be more talented in areas thought to be controlled by the right side of the brain; spatial awareness, maths and architecture.

Right handers may have better verbal abilities because the left hemisphere of the brain is generally more efficient in processing verbal information.

These theories are highly controversial and it is by no means set in stone. Other studies have shown that left-handers perform just as well in functions controlled by the left side of the brain.

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  • I am left handed but right footed, so what am I then?

    • Optimus Composite

      Same here. And I’ve known another person who’s the same. We need our own classification, fellow freak!

  • pwndecaf

    I knew this wasn’t right, so I left.

    • jack meoff


  • jack meoff

    I have two thumbs on my left hand….where do I fit in?

  • No surprise that lefties have more cases of immune deseases and
    stuttering. This doc was made before 1980.. people used to screw with
    lefthanders.. the correlation between childhood trauma and this
    procentual increase is pretty interesting.

  • plattekleppet

    I know lots of people with 2 left hands…

  • Hyungnam Gu